【Hanbei Fu】Eat Kyoto culture here! The taste of pioneer restaurant from 300 years was just light.

Founded in 1689, the second year of Genroku. "Hanbei Fu", which has a history of more than 330 years, is a shop in Yuba, a fu skin in Kyoto.

Speaking of Fu and Yuba, they are representative players of Japanese food, but they often play supporting roles, so there are few shops that serve main dishes.

Furthermore, the present age of the 21st century, where people may be asked, "What is Fu?"

A shop with such answers can be called "Hanbei Fu".


To get to "Hanbeifu", get off at "Kiyomizu-Gojo Station" on "Okeihan" (Keihan Electric Railway) and walk for 1 minute.

It is the base of Gojo Bridge where Ushiwakamaru and Benkei confronted each other.


It seems that the interior of the store has been renovated from the main store's Machiya, but it is quite modern and comfortable.

Okudohan etc. at that time are displayed.


When I visited in March, I saw a doll decoration.

It's really gorgeous with the atmosphere of a famous Hina doll decoration.


The inside of the store is quite modern.

Large private rooms, counters, table seats, etc. are large.


Now lunch!

"Mushi nourishment" dim sum of Kyoto Fu and Kyoto Yuba is 3500 yen.

"Mushi nourishment" is a Kyoto dialect meaning "nourishing insects in the stomach" and means a light meal.

It's so gorgeous that it's not a light meal at all, but lol.


Dengaku-style raw fu that was served on the table.

A unique texture like between chewy tofu and konjac.

Until a while ago, it was only served at restaurants, and a housewife said, "I don't know how to cook."

He said he made a restaurant that serves food. Well, it seems that many people still don't know how to eat it, but lol.

Personally, I like it a lot, and when I eat it like sashimi with soy sauce and wasabi, or put it in soup, it becomes gorgeous at once.


Yakifu and Yuba.

It's really delicious by sucking the soup stock!


Pumped yuba.

.... Uh, good! !! The richness of soybeans and this bean paste match very well.

Actually, I don't really like white foods (tofu, yuba, somen, etc., except for rice), but

This is delicious. I reviewed it!

By the way, Kyoto and Nara are written as Yuba, and Nikko is written as Yunami.


Grilled fu.

This is light.


Raw fu that goes well with white miso.

This is probably the way to eat raw fu.

Konjac is too watery, and tofu cannot accept the sweetness and thickening of white miso.

Raw Fu is the best match.

By the way, what is the true identity of raw fu? .. .. Wheat gluten.


Deep-fried and soaked raw fu.

Isn't it really compatible with oil?

This is a travelogue of raw fu and rediscovery.

It's interesting to eat something and discover a lot.

And I'm hungry even if I eat so many different dishes.

We are enjoying the essence of Japanese food.


The last is sweetness.

Inside the pure white sweets. ..


It was green tea ice cream with beautiful green.

No, I enjoyed a part of Kyoto culture.

Actually, at first I thought, "I'm not so interested in Fu and Yuba because they have a light taste."

I was surprised when I went there, it was delicious and fun.

I think that foreigners are absolutely fun, and even Japanese people can learn about food culture that they do not know.

It will be a nice lunch. it's recommended.

Hanbei Fu
433 Shonincho, Gojo-dori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (Southeast side of Gojo Ohashi)

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