【Shokutaku Kato】A hideaway where authentic Kyoto cuisine is cheap in Kyoto Gion!

Gion, Kyoto, an area where you can enjoy the best of Japanese cuisine and Japanese cuisine.

Only in the place where young husbands gather at night, there are a lot of ridiculously expensive Japanese restaurants.

Under such circumstances, there are shops that aim to "enjoy Japanese food for young couples".

Thank you. Even if you're not a young couple, lol.

In Gion, one course of 6000 yen per person! !!

I am very happy with the straightforward message.

This is an authentic Kyoto dish, and it's easy for young couples to try for the first time.


The location is a 2-minute walk from "Gion-Shijo" station. Easy access from the station.

It is located in the back of a narrow alley behind Minamiza.

This feeling of hiding will make you feel better again.

You can enjoy the feeling of Kyoto in the interior of the store, which has a pure Japanese style.

There is a 6-seat counter and one table.

This is the limit to do it alone.

I wonder if they are cutting labor costs and giving back to me.


Kakiage of oysters. Of course, the content changes depending on the season.

Crispy texture, oyster meat with trolley, and no unpleasant reason!


Migratory crab sleet, Shogoin Kabura sleet tailoring. Tourists are happy to wear the Shogoin.

It’s the taste of winter in Kyoto. Mizuna and Yuzu are also indispensable vegetables for Kyoto cuisine.

The vegetables are from Higuchi Farm, a farmer who has been in Kyoto for over 400 years.

It seems that the owner once helped Higuchi Farm when he was young.

By the way, the owner was trained at the famous Kyoto store “Morubei”. So his skill is also orthodox.


Yokowa. In the Kanto region, it is called "meji tuna".

In short, young bluefin tuna. Why are they called differently in Kanto and Kansai?

When I told a person in Kansai, "In Kanto, it's called meji tuna."

He said, "It doesn't look delicious."

It seems that the fish are procured from Mie and Ise.

As expected, it is authentic and has no color.

I mean, I can often do it at this price.

The reduction rate is odd.

It has a chewy texture and a refreshing taste like a young fish.

It's not just soy sauce, it's a Kyoto dish when seasoned with salted kelp.


Turnip mushroom ankake.

Enjoy the taste of winter vegetables. This is a fairly healthy structure for the course.


grilled fish. There are many combinations of vegetables and fish.

After this, you can choose from about 7 types of rice, such as rice cooked in a clay pot and pickles to accompany the rice.


dessert. A Japanese-Western eclectic dish with tofu, walnuts and persimmons.

Elegant, or rather gentle taste.

Overall, it was a course with the kind personality of the shopkeeper.

It's still young and the demeanor is insanely soft, so it will be easy for those who are new to Kyoto cuisine, the first authentic Japanese food, and the first in Gion.

It feels like a hideaway, so it might be nice for people who want to go to Gion.

I want to eat
15-2 Yamatocho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
18: 00-21: 30 LO, closed at 23:00
Closed on Sundays

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