“Heisei Tanuki Battle Pompoko” Temple !? “Tanukidaniyama Fudoin” ①

In Kyoto, there was another Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Ichijodani, Sakyo Ward.

We will pass through between Shisen-do and Enkoji and climb steep slopes.

If you drive along the mountain road with "Tsukiya Fudoson" on your side,

About the middle of Uryuyama, there is "Tanukidaniyama Fudoin" which has the atmosphere of "Yamadera".
This is Taniya Fudoson on the way.
The ceiling is cool.
"Oh, free parking, like!"

For a while, there are 250 stone steps from here!

That's right, a temple is a place to practice. Because it ’s a temple in the mountains like this,

It's for the trainees. ..

That's why I climb quite a bit. Well, exercising in the chilly air,

It's a die job because it feels good!


As expected, Tanukidaniyama. It’s full of raccoon dogs.

Heisei Tanuki Battle Pompoko. The mossy feeling is astringent.
Fushimi Inari Shrine? Torii gate.
There are statues of raccoon dogs everywhere in the precincts, just because it is called "Tanukidaniyama Fudoin".

Shigaraki ware raccoon dogs and stone statues are everywhere. It is also fun to walk while counting some of them.


Well, finally climb the stone steps.

There are stone statues of the Seven Lucky Gods and raccoon dogs here and there, and the spiciness is a little softened.


In the middle of the stone steps, there is a statue of Kobo Daishi, also known as Pick-up Daishi. Only for those who have traveled all over the country

You can pray for the health of your feet.


"Healthy legs waraji" to pray for the health of your feet. However, there are various dedication goods in Kyoto.


Now it's time to go live. You can see the long stone steps ahead.


A stone staircase that looks like a picture. It is understandable that it says that rabbit jumping and running are not prohibited here.

Next, we will finally visit the main hall.

Omotoyama Tanukidaniyama Fudoin
6 Ichijoji Matsubara-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-8156
Phone: 075-722-0025

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