“Gion Matsuri” ② How to enjoy Kyoto people recommend

I think the climax of Gion Matsuri, a summer tradition in Kyoto, is the Yoiyama of the previous festival.

Yoiyama is an event that takes place the night before the Hokoyamajyungyo that take place during the day.

The day before the Hokoyamajyungyo is called Yoyoyama, the day before the day before is called Yoyoyama, and the day before 3 days is called Yoyoyama.

The sun shines on the Komagata lanterns, the stores are lined up, and festival music can be heard from all over the town of Kyoto.

At the old house, a folding screen festival is held to display the proud heirloom.

It can be said that it is a night when the atmosphere of a mysterious festival reaches its climax.

It's really fun to hang out with a beer in this. It feels like summer in Japan and summer in Kyoto.

Let's walk around now.


Around 6 pm. Shijo-dori, which becomes a pedestrian paradise, is already crowded. The sun is still high and the mysterious atmosphere is not yet there.


It's fun to put the whole city of Kyoto in festival mode.


Limited to Gion Matsuri, "Matsuri Yakushi BAR". A parking lot that is usually like a hall.

It's fun to see shops here and there only during the Gion Festival.


As the sun went down, the light of the lanterns became fantastic. Beer, gubitto.

Each float has its own story.

If you read this seriously, you will not be able to go around very much. By the way, this is the float of "Meng Zong Mountain".

The motif is a story of a Chinese story, where I went to get bamboo shoots for my mother and the bamboo shoots were growing even though it was winter.


Each float has a place like a meeting place called "Meeting place". Mostly it's just in the alley

Su. Goods related to each float are sold or are you visiting the Shintai? Something like, and even the floats when cruising

You can see the decorations to decorate up close.

This is the location of "Meng Zong Mountain". The banner of Ikuo Hirayama is displayed. This is decorated on the floats when cruising the floats.


I think this is the Shintai. .. Generally, each float has a place like this.


It's been a long time. Well, the lanterns are beautiful.

You can ride most floats if you pay. This is a temporary passage from the second floor of the building.


At "Kikusui-ho", the famous confectionery "Tatari" is on sale. Originally it was a sweet to give to Kikusuiho.

It was created in the image of the drops of Kyoto's famous water, "Kikusui no I", and the name was derived from Kikusuiboko.

Named after the fact that he kept his longevity by drinking chrysanthemum dew. Various things are involved.


The sweets look like this. Cool sweets like summer. The amber color is beautiful. You can buy it at the sweets shop "Kamehironaga" in Kyoto.

Tamba agar, brown sugar from Okinawa, Wasanbon from Awa, and groundwater and materials from Kyoto.

When you eat, be sure to cool it in the refrigerator. This is mandatory.

It has a crunchy texture and a subdued, tasty sweetness that comes with Jean.

Certainly this candy and green tea go well together! Excellent.

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