[CAVA] A restaurant along the Kamo River in Kyoto that children can eat with peace of mind

A 13-minute walk from Kitayama Station in Kyoto.

It's a little walk, but it's fun to walk along the Kamo River while looking at the shops around Kitayama Station.

In the daytime, you can also use the cafe or lunch while looking at the Kamo River.

However, this time I visited at night.

It's really quiet around here.

Since it is along the Kamo River, it is a quiet area with few street lights.


At night, the quiet area is lit up with lights.

There is also a free parking lot for one or two cars, so it is convenient to go by car.


The atmosphere inside the store is a little dark and nice. The warmth of the wooden table is also nice.

At noon, you can see the Kamo River from this large window.


There are also counter seats. It is a calm atmosphere.

Basically, Mama-san is doing it alone, so it may not be good to ask too much.

So, the nice thing about this restaurant is that it's "good food".

If you read "CAVA's commitment",

First of all, let's stick to purchasing vegetables from the organic greengrocer "One Drop" and Shigeru Uega's "Yasumi Farm".

The fish is Shimogammo's "Hattori Fresh Fish". It is a well-known store that stores fish at Shimogammo Shrine and also wholesales it to restaurants in Kyoto.

The oil is olive oil from Granada, Spain. Oleic acid prevents aging.

Organic palm oil is used for frying oil. It seems that it does not contain trans fatty acids.

For fried bread crumbs, use soy protein powder, which absorbs less oil, and be conscious of health in every detail.

very. There aren't many shops that think about the eater so much. It's healthy.

I don't want to eat out with my kids and eat strange things, but this is good.


I wanted to eat fried food that was fried in such healthy oil, so I ordered spring rolls first.

Inside is a shrimp. Basil sauce and tartar sauce are served, and the tastes are divided.

People on a diet are likely to avoid fried foods, but if they care about their health so much,

I get the illusion that I won't get fat even if I eat it.


I'm traveling with children and want to eat vegetables properly.

In fact, even adults want to eat "One Drop" and Shigeru Uega's "Hachisumi Farm".

Rich cheese was sprinkled on the vegetables with rumbling, and the children ate too much.


Then pizza. This also contains vegetables.

I feel like I'm getting healthier just by eating.

This is also cheese. It's a paradise for kids who like cheese.


For children who like cheese, pasta is also carbonara.

Anyway, I really like cheese. ..

The shop is not so crowded because of its location.

So, it comes in handy when I'm wondering what to eat outside today.

There is no problem with the taste.

It's healthy, but it feels like a hideaway, and it's quiet, so I think it's suitable for dates.

Isn't it good to walk along the Kamo River after eating?

It's also an ant to come for lunch. It's Kamogawa in front of me.

Let's come for lunch next time.

87-3 Kamigamo Shobuencho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture Sun Heights 1F

87-3 Kamigamo Shobuencho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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