This is cheap at a restaurant in Kyoto! A long-established restaurant “Shimogamo Saryo” produced by Koyama Kundō

The second installment of "Shimogamo Saryo", which was reported last time as a restaurant that is kind to beginners.

First of all, I'm glad that a private room of this grade starts from 13,000 yen per adult.

This price setting is also produced by Koyama Kundō.

It's not too cheap, but even ordinary people can go with a little effort.

Exquisite pricing.


Well, let's go cooking.

First of all, apéritif. As a driver, non-alcoholic plum wine. sweet. No longer juice.

Adults who are OK with alcohol are poured into a cup that is likely to be used for a red wedding ceremony, and the mood of Halle's day is enlivened.



Crab scallop lotus potato with Tosa vinegar jelly.

Isn't it surprisingly seasonal? I thought, but the sourness of the jelly and the sweetness of the crab meat were in harmony and it was delicious.

The lotus potato is a plant of the Araceae family and is called "potato", but it is completely green. I ate it for the first time.



Saba sushi soaked in lotus grass, shrimp muscat with white sauce

Ginkgo nuts, conger eel, Yawata-maki, fried Nanba, mini tomatoes

"Conger eel Yawata-maki" has a delicious grilled taste.

"Saba sushi is also pelori".

Of particular note is the "shrimp muscat with white sauce".

The juicy sweet muscat sauce that pops and pops and the salty shrimp go well. This looks good for girls.



Wax gourd

The kelp soup stock is very Kyoto-like. Calm down softly.

A taste that seems to heal a little, such as stiff shoulders. How nice.

However, the food is cut off here. Hmm about 10 minutes?

Shouldn't it be better to come from 19:30? Lol


On the other hand, "Children's set"! This looks good enough for adults to eat.

There are beef, sashimi, and french fries that are just right for the heat.

Besides, chawanmushi and dessert are also included. Well, it's too luxurious for kids.



Tuna sea bream striped trevally

A chewy sea bream. Tuna that is neither too dark nor too light. Striped horse mackerel is also chewy.

The vessel is also beautiful.



Kamasu Yuzuan Yaki

Kamasu is my favorite food, and when I eat it at home, I grill it with salt. Is it okay to have something like this once in a while?



Boiled figs in Koshu.

Boiled in wine is called "Koshu boiled".

This is delicious! The sweetness of figs, the smooth taste, and the flavor.



Abalone grilled eggplant moxa ginger

The grilled eggplant has a strong and delicious flavor. With the flavor of ginger and Japanese pepper, there are plenty of abalone in the taste of the mountain.

I drank up the tuyu with Chinese-style seasoning. I want white rice!


And this vessel looks like a watermelon and is cute.



Edamame and lotus root cooked in a kettle, rice bowl, incense

Lotus root and edamame, two chewy textures are fun. The bowl is red.



Pear mango sudachi sorbet.

Sudachi sorbet is really sour.


And finally, I'm receiving matcha and tea. ..

The tea bowl was a special mention. This production is truly Koyama Kundō.

But forget to take a picture because it's so delicious and surprising!

One of the tea bowls. Su. Dairy products made in ancient Japan. There is a description in the Engi ceremony. Japanese cheese.

Tea tray part 2. Lemon caramel. It seems that if you manage to use lemon for about 10 hours, it will become caramel.

Tea tray part three. Tanba Dainagon chocolate. Tamba Dainagon is coated with chocolate.

Tea tray # 4. Fig powder. Sweets wrapped in fig and soybean flour.

Tea tray No.5. Tamba Dainagon. .. I forgot.

This tea tray series was delicious. And each one has a nice feeling of surprise.

This is produced by Koyama Kundō.

It seems that women are full, but boys may not be full.
Even though the quantity of each item is a little small, there is no space between each item.

In the meantime, you can drink alcohol, but the driver can't.

However, at this price, a private room with a view of the garden, a production with a sense of surprise is truly.

The customer service is also hotel-like. It is a restaurant that is easy for beginners to eat in Kyoto.

Shimogamo Saryo

Address: 62 Shimogamo Miyakawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL: 075-701-5185

Regular holiday: Irregular holiday

business hours:
11:00 to 15:00 noon (14:00 LO)
Night 17: 00-21: 00 (20:00 LO)
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62 Shimogamo Miyakawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

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