Is Kyoto’s most seasonal ramen shop “Gokudori” really delicious?

I went to "Gokudori", which is probably the most seasonal ramen shop in Kyoto.

Ramen enthusiasts gather from all over the country because they want to eat this ramen.

The soup is too thick and carbonara,

A ramen shop with many legendary episodes, and the expectations grow.

Actually, when I went there before 12:00 on a holiday,

A numbered ticket was distributed, and it was said that it would be a guide around 15:00.

I had a bitter experience of giving up "it's too much". ..




So, this time I arrived at 11:40 on weekday daytime, just after the store opened.

There were 8 people in front of the store and about 8 people in the store.

A ramen shop with a high turnover rate, I think that this will be somehow

It takes just over 20 minutes to line up, which is reasonably fast.




The inside of the store has 5 counter seats and 2 to 3 tables.



Ramen will come out in less than 5 minutes.

Did you finally meet? Impressed by Hitoshio.

However, the first impression was "Vessel, small ...".

The size is about the size of Hakata's street food ramen.

It feels like eating lightly. Is it small?

Tomoare, face-to-face. Drodro soup.

The liquidness of the soup is too low

There is no soup between the noodles, and the space is hollow!

This is certainly a feeling of drodro that is better than listening.

Drink soup. Oh, this is that, it's one of the best in the world. The taste and base of Tenkaippin's soup are very similar.

It's a little saltier than Tenkaippin. But the feeling of drodro is far from heaven.

Salty = Tenkaippin 0.8 times,

Doromi = 5 times that of Tenkaippin

Is it such a place?


Boiled eggs are also delicious.

When I often look at the reviews of "Gokkei", it says "rich but refreshing",

This makes me think that the soup is thick and the light taste of salt is refreshing. ..

The soup's mud is like overcooked potatoes that have melted into the pork soup.
The noodles are a little hard at first. But when I'm eating, it's feverish

It gradually becomes familiar with the soup.

But of course it's delicious. Because I like Tenkaippin.

Menma is crunchy and high quality, and the char siu is thick and firm.

Especially good was the green onion. The shichimi spices on the green onions are excellent, and this is delicious!

There is a mustard-based menu called "red", but it's delicious.

That's why it's delicious. But to be honest, I wonder if one time is enough.

I understand that the soup is characteristic.

It depends on people's tastes, but I don't think it's lined up like this.

I wonder if Tenkaippin is usually better.

Satisfaction ★★★★


29-7 Ichijoji Nishitou Kawaramachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
From 11:30 to 22:00 (open throughout)
* Closed as soon as the soup runs out
Open for lunch, open on Sundays

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