About the best time to see the autumn leaves “Rengeji” in Rakuhoku, Kyoto, the parking lot, and the recommended way to see it.

In Kyoto, the best time to see the autumn leaves of "Rengeji" in Rakuhoku is a little early.

When I went there on November 18, 2017, it was already in full bloom with great satisfaction! !!

By the way, when I went there on November 15, 2015, it was still a long time ago.

To get there, take the Eizan Electric Railway and get off at "Miyake Hachiman" station, then walk for about 10 minutes. If you take the Kyoto bus, get off at "Kamibashi" and walk for 1 minute.

It's a little far if you use transportation.

So I definitely recommend a car here!

Because the parking lot is free! !!

There are many places where it costs about 1000 yen just for the parking fee, so I am grateful to the driver here.

In fact, there are quite a lot of free parking lots at the autumn leaves spots in Rakuhoku, Kyoto.

It's more rural than Rakuchu, isn't it?

So, I've already seen the classic autumn leaves in Rakuchu, so I recommend that people take a tour of Rakuhoku autumn leaves by car.

Renkaji Temple in Takano, Jissoin Temple in Iwakura, Entsuji Temple in Hataeda, and even hard to reach by bus,

If you go to the direction of Ohara, you can go around the autumn leaves with a high degree of satisfaction.

I recommend it.


So let's get back to Rengeji Temple.

Arrived around 11:00 on November 18, 2017.

Of the 6 private car parking lots, 2 were vacant.

People do not have to be crowded at the autumn leaves spots, which are not very convenient for transportation.

This is really an important point in viewing the autumn leaves.

The gate is quiet, and I like the feeling of being lonely.


After passing through the main gate, there is already a yellow world. Ginkgo leaves are spread all over, and it looks like a yellow carpet.


While saying that, the fallen leaves of the yellow ginkgo and the red of the maple are also mixed a little.


Yellow, red, green. Cobblestones wet in the rain are also good.

Or by chance, it's raining at Renge-ji Temple anytime.

However, since it is a temple where rain and autumn leaves look good, it is a blessing of heaven.


The urge to collect the fallen leaves of ginkgo and sprinkle them on top is amazing.

I'm not a child. I mean, don't do it in this quiet atmosphere.


The stone pavement approach that continues from the main gate is nice.

And this is just the beginning of "Renkaji".

Speaking of Renge-ji Temple, it's probably the autumn leaves over there.


Chatcherer! !! !!

Speaking of autumn leaves at Rengeji Temple, this is it!

The large spectacle that suddenly appears through the dark building, and the wide and wide feeling are shocking.

The autumn leaves are also colored. Almost perfect in full bloom.

The autumn leaves are fluttering like protruding onto the pond.


This quiet feeling. I don't think it will be transmitted no matter how many photos are arranged.

This is an atmosphere that you can't understand unless you go there, so I definitely want you to visit.


The rain that hits the surface of the highly transparent pond smashes over.

The transparency is so high that it feels like a garden of dry garden is filled with water.

It's not withered, but I don't understand the meaning of dry garden.


View of the main hall from the porch.

There is a personal view of autumn leaves that you should definitely see when you go to Renge-ji Temple.

Actually, this Renge-ji Temple and the places where shooting is allowed are limited.

Many people take pictures, and that's why they all have the same angle.

However, personally, the autumn colors when looking toward the pond from the main hall are the most wonderful! !!

When you go around the main hall and come back to the pond again, the autumn leaves overlap and you will be surprised! !!

The gradation of autumn leaves becomes a single picture, and it feels like it covers your body.

In other words, it looks like it suddenly stood in front of the big screen of the movie theater where the pictures of autumn leaves are projected.

This is a must-see point! !!

I want to take this picture, but it's not possible to take it, so please go and experience it.


A space that doesn't seem like this world anymore, as if you've entered a dangerous world.

Somehow, it was a spot of autumn leaves that I would like to thank and join hands later.

Oh, another reason I recommend it.

This is free for children! Moreover, it is free for junior high school students!

I don't know if my child will be happy, but

This is a good place to show off the autumn leaves of Kyoto to your children.

However, there is also a delicate rule that group study trip students are NG.

Rengeji Temple

1 Kamitakano Hachimancho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 606-0065
9: 00-17: 00
Adult 400 yen
University student 400 yen
High school student 400 yen
Free for junior high school students
Free for children
1 Kamitakano Hachimancho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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