“Honke Owariya Main Store” has been in business for over 550 years! The oldest long-established soba restaurant in Kyoto

"Honke Owariya Main Store" is considered to be the oldest long-established soba restaurant in Kyoto.

As the name "Owariya" suggests, I was surprised that I came to Kyoto from Owari no Kuni two years before the Onin War and started doing business.

At first, it was a candy store, and there is still a specialty of soba mochi. Soba mochi is close to buns, though.

In the old days, it was said that anything round was mochi, and it was a remnant of that.

In the middle of the Edo period, soba shavings became available at Zen temples, and at the "Honke Owariya Main Store" around 1700,

The reason why I started to put soba in the temple was to change to a soba shop. After that, a soba restaurant where you can go in and out of the Imperial Palace

It is said that he became a "soba noodle maker".

Well, I'm going to write the history of the store, but it seems like the history of Japan through soba. As expected, it has been in business for over 550 years!


The appearance of Kyoto's longest-established soba restaurant, Samoari. This is worth a look just for its appearance.


This gate is already historic. The character of Noren is the old kanji of "treasure".

It seems that it is because "soba is an auspicious food".


Enter the store and go upstairs. Like an inn like a tea room. A space beyond the soba shop.


Beyond the frosted glass in the corridor is Tsubo-niwa. It's fun just to walk around the store.


This is a tatami room seat. You can afford a banquet. It's kind of like a historical drama set.


The structure of an old Japanese house is complicated and it looks like a maze.


By the way, walking around the store is enough. Let's go to soba soon. After all, this is the famous "Horai Soba" (2180 yen).

Soba is contained in five steps with a traditional lacquer ware called "warigo". The condiments are also gorgeous.

Five types of broth egg, shiitake mushroom, seaweed, tempura, sesame wasabi, and grated.


Soba-yu is shared from the beginning. A nice soba hot water with a trolley. Sakura and salty plums that are good for salty taste.


The buckwheat is smooth and refreshing. But the taste is rich. Discerning Hokkaido buckwheat flour.

The soup stock of soba soup is Rishiri kelp, Mekin (Sota eel), Junme, and mackerel. And the best soup stock is well water in Kyoto.

delicious. Zuzu. Collya in no time. Thank you for the meal.


Of course, we also sell soba mochi. This one has a longer history.


Soba mochi started by baking buckwheat flour as dumplings. Currently, sweets that use buckwheat flour for the skin.


Well, it's a steamed bun made from buckwheat flour. Looks delicious. The word "寳" is really Japanese and cool.

For those who have used it for sightseeing in Kyoto, "Kake soba" starts at 756 yen.

It is recommended that you just look at the historic architecture while eating soba, as it is well worth sightseeing.

Honke Owariya Main Store

Business hours 11: 00-19: 00 (Last order 18:30)
* Sweets sale only 9: 00-
Holidays: January 1st and 2nd only
Residence: MAP down Nijo-dori, Kurumaya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL / FAX 075-231-3446 / 075-221-6081
Toll free number 0120-17-3446

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