Kyoto’s summer tradition, Kawadoko cuisine! Cool lunch at Kifune Nakayoshi [1]

Kifune's Kawadoko cuisine is the coolest way to spend the summer in Kyoto.

Make a tatami room on the river and enjoy Japanese food while experiencing the cool flow of the river.

If you go to Kyoto in the summer, you have to do this! Actually, it feels really good.

A customer who originally ate at a shop along the river said, "I want to eat on the river because it's hot!"

Kawadoko started from costomer's selfish. 

But new services always were born from this.

And it was great that restaurant person who followed the voice of the customer properly!

If he say "I can't do it", nothing will start.


Next to “Friends”, “Nakayoshi” shops continue along the river. It’s like a festival and it’s fun!

It is easy to make a mistake in Kyoto, where there are "Toko" and "Yuka".

Both are the same meaning, "Floor"! I want to say,

If you call it "Yuka", it means a terrace seat that protrudes along the Kamo River in the city.

If you call it "Toko", it means the riverbed of your ship. Please remember this and go home.

So, this time, the "Toko" is better. The "Yuka" is actually very hot unless the wind blows.

Compared to that, the "Yuka" is really on the clear stream in the mountains, so it's super cool.

Even though Kifune itself is 3-4 degrees lower and cooler than the city of Kyoto, the "Yuka" is even better.

It's about 30 cm above the river, so it's a little cold if you're not good at it.

People in Kyoto often say, "Kawadoko cuisine is so expensive because of its quality!"

I mean, I eat food while enjoying the natural cooler condition on the river.

After all, I think that there is no Son after all, only once in a lifetime.

The idea of ​​eating on the river because it's hot is straightforward and interesting.




This is "Nakayoshi". It was good because it was from 15:00, so it was vacant.
The introduction has become longer. For Kawadoko cuisine "Nakayoshi", go to the next episode.

Kibune Nakayoshi
Address: 71 Kuramakibunecho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 601-1112
Phone: 075-741-2000
Business hours: 11:00 to 21:00

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