Kyoto is Arashiyama / Saga’s little-known spot for autumn leaves, “Enrian”

Enrian is a little-known spot for autumn leaves in the Arashiyama / Saga area of ​​Kyoto.

A villa at the foot of Mt. Ogura of the Fujiwara no Teika. It is said that the Fujiwara no Teika made Hyakunin Isshu.

The name is amazing. Because it is an hermitage that "(the world) wants to leave unpleasantly".

Quite negative. However, will something that will remain in posterity be born?

Artists are always hard.


By the way, this "Enrian". It's a pretty secret place.

One of the reasons is that it's hard to find the place.

Actually, it's near Seiryoji, and it's not far from the main street of Arashiyama, but it's in the woods, so it's hard to see the entrance anyway.

Of course, there is no parking lot. Rather, it is at the end of a narrow path that can be passed by one person to the entrance.

However, this path has a nice atmosphere again. There are no telephone poles, and there is a feeling of a different world as if you were in the world of historical drama.


I can see the entrance. It's also nice to be in this dense forest.


Go through the forest tunnel to Enrian. This is fun.


It is a small and nice hermitage.

Unlike the streets of Kyoto, there are clearly many buildings with thatched roofs.


But summer is full of insects.


This is the main building. I feel like I'm in seclusion.


The mossy garden is pretty wild. It's humid in the summer and mosquitoes look great.

How did the old people fight against mosquitoes?

But now it's modern, and the season is autumn. You don't have to worry about that and enjoy the contrast between the moss and the autumn leaves.


I love the eaves and the autumn leaves above them. Even so, it's a lonely place.


Inside the Enrian Temple. It looks pretty comfortable to live in.


It's good to have this kind of manpower even in the middle of the autumn leaves.


Sit on the porch and look at the garden. The autumn leaves that crawl without decoration are sometimes good.


Enrian Temple
2 Zenkoji Yamamachi in front of Saganisonin Monzen, Ukyo-ku

2, Zenkojiyamacho, Saganisonin Monzen, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto

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