Lunch and tea “Kawara Soba Shoemon” while watching the autumn leaves of Takao, Kyoto along the river

The Kaohsiung area where you can see the early autumn colors of Kyoto.

After seeing the autumn leaves of Kosanji Temple, I stopped by at "Kawara Soba Shoemon" for a little tea.


I ate lunch, so I like the famous "Kawara soba", but I want to have tea.

Naturally, "Kawara soba" was sold out when I went around 15:00.

But let's go and see it because it's "in business".


When I passed through the curtain, I could see the mansion under my eyes as if it was buried in the fallen leaves.

Oh, it looks like a secret base. Or something like an open-air bath along the river.


When you come down the height difference of about 30m, you will finally reach the store.

But it's in a great cousin. Along the river is also along the river. With a pop in the super nature.


The inside of the store is long and narrow like a houseboat, and the river is right under the window, so it feels like you are on a boat.

This is interesting. The distance to the river is really close.


I am sick of the magnificence of the flowing river.


Probably because I missed lunch time, it was really reserved.

Even so, all 360 degree windows. It is a super skeleton building.


You can enjoy nature while watching the autumn leaves. This is a luxury.


This feeling of openness while having a long and narrow floor plan. wonderful.


Red autumn leaves in front of me. Wild.


Open the window and look into the distance. Well, it's magnificent.


So, I asked for Shiruko for the time being.

It was warm. The sweetness is modest and the taste is mature.

After this, I also ordered coffee.

No, I walked a lot at Kosanji Temple and took a good break for over an hour.

There aren't many people, it's wide, it's tatami mats, and there aren't any people in the shop, so it's a mess.

A very cozy space. It looks like a room in an inn.


I can go outside so I play along the river for a while.

The stone wall under this shop is amazing. Somehow Western style. The top is Japanese style.


It's kind of like an inn. Ah, it would be great if the open-air bath along the river also springs up.


The slimy flow is nice again.

"Kawara soba Shoemon" is good for lunch, but in fact it is also ant to take off lunch and use it as a cafe.

Then, you can use it with a high degree of freedom like a chartered villa.

Well, I don't know if it's a good thing for the store.

Kawara soba Shoemon

35 Umegahata Tonohatacho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

35 Umegahata Tonohatacho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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