“Myomanji Temple” in Iwakura, Kyoto has many attractions such as the bell of Kiyohime Anjin and the snow garden.

"Myomanji Temple" in Rakuhoku, Kyoto. Kiyohime Anjin's legendary bell, "Snow, Moon and Flowers," is famous for "Snow Garden," one of the three great gardens.

From Kokusaikaikan Station, take a bus bound for Nikenchaya or Kyoto Seika University.

About 3 minutes, 1 minute walk from the bus stop "Hataeda Myomanji".


This is the front of Myomanji Temple. From mid-April to May, the azaleas are in full bloom and are insanely beautiful.

It is recommended in a landscape that looks like a paradise.

Spring is spring, and weeping cherry blossoms are beautiful again.

The "snow garden" in winter is good, and the green leaves in summer are also wonderful.

It is a temple that is always worth seeing in early spring, autumn and winter.

There is "Kiyohime Anjin Legendary Bell" in such a place. ..

By the way, Kiyohime Anjin is a legend known for the Kabuki theme that is handed down in Kiyo Dojoji.

A long time ago, there was a monk named Anjin who visited Kumano.

This person is a transcendental handsome man. When I stay at a certain inn, I really like the woman there, Kiyohime.

Fierce attack started.
"Because I am in training, even if I am pressed so much .. I will stop by again when I finish visiting Kumano."

Of course, I didn't stop by.

The angry Kiyohime turns into a big snake and chases Anjin (no longer a stalker).

Anjin escapes to Dojoji Temple, has a bell dropped, and hides in it,

While spitting fire, the snake wrapped around the bell, and Anjin was burned to death in the bell. .. ..

Well, it's a story that Kiyohime is too cute. Did you do that bad?

After that, when a bell memorial service was held, a white shirabyoshi suddenly appeared, and this became a big snake.

The bell is thrown away in the mountains.

However, Hideyoshi Sengoku, under Hideyoshi Toyotomi, finds this bell and brings it to Kyoto!

After that, it is said that it is enshrined here at Myomanji Temple.

Well, there are so many things that I can't organize.

It is located in the Hobutsuden of Myomanji Temple, so if you are interested, please do.

There is also a portrait of Kiyomasa Kato in the Hobutsuden, which is quite interesting.


Then, I will return to myomanji walk.

The precincts are also open with Pacorn, which is very open.

And because it is far from Rakuchu, there are few worshipers in such a space.

It's a nice place to monopolize.


The blue autumn leaves are refreshing in summer.


Most of the precincts are covered with white sand, giving a clean and clean impression.


The first thing that catches the eye is the Buddhist temple. It is modeled after the Bodh Gaya Tower in India.

The Bodh Gaya Tower is a tower built in the place where the Buddha was enlightened.

The Buddhist priesthood tower of Myomanji Temple has the Buddhist priesthood on the top floor.

In addition, the Danka system has also been laid down, and the remains of Toyota Ichimon since the founder of Toyota Motor Corporation, Sakichi Toyoda.


And the fun here is to enter the stupa and

Take an incense stick and go around the stupa three times.

It's quite unique, but it seems that this is the correct way to visit.


Even so, it is a magnificent stupa.

There is also a stone monument that knows that it has something to do with Toyoda Ichimon.


Myomanji Temple has many places to go.

And, from here, it changes to the picture when I went in winter lol.


Winter is fine. And one of the highlights is the borrowed scenery of Mt. Hiei. It looks good.


By the way, this is "Snow Garden" made by Matsunaga Teitoku, the founder of the Teitoku faction who became a major faction of haiku.

Along with Kiyomizu-dera's "Moon Garden" and the non-existent "Flower Garden" that is said to have been in Kitano,

It is a famous garden called "Three Great Gardens of Snow Moon Flowers".

Matsunaga Teitoku is a haiku giant who produced Basho Matsuo and Yosa Buson.

This kind of arrangement is beautiful.


Certainly it would be beautiful if it snowed here.


View from indoors. This large garden and tatami room are reserved.

This is the good point of Rakuhoku lol. No one will come.


Nobody comes so much, so I try to write a haiku on the haiku paper that I have left.

I tried to make them all like that lol.

It is also recommended to try a haiku with children.

Is the excellent work a public relations magazine related to Myomanji Temple? It seems to be listed in!

Sohonzan Myomanji Temple
91, Iwakura Hataeda-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0015

91 Iwakura Hataedacho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

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