Recommended for mountaineering and hiking trails with children in Kyoto! “Gourd collapse mountain”

Kyoto surrounded by mountains. If you can see so many mountains from the city, it's natural to think "I want to climb a little!".

So, here are some recommended hiking trails that are close to the city of Kyoto and that even children can climb to the top.

Its name is "Gourd Kuzureyama"! The name is amazing. Laughable. Somewhere like an old tale.

I like gourd, but I'm too scared of Kueyama.


As for the location, Iwakura Station of Eizan Electric Railway is the closest.

However, if you walk from there, it will take 30 minutes to reach the entrance. ..

So the car is the best.

If you go by car, there are easy-to-understand landmarks.


If you aim for a bakery called "BRUGGE RAKUHOKU", go straight on that road and you will reach the entrance to the mountain.

If you go a little further, there will be space for your car.

It takes about an hour to reach the summit.

This is fine even for children.

By the way, my family went with kindergarten children, but it seems that it was just the right exercise.


The road is like a mountain road with a width of about one light truck up to the middle.

Moreover. .. ..


It came out! !! It will come out. on second thoughts. I'm a little scared, thinking it's a cute mark.


There are many cedar trees. The slope is still gentle, and there is no feeling of forest bathing.


The water of the river flowing beside it is wild again.


The moss is also wild somewhere. Your heart will be washed by the fresh vitality of the native plants.


Mushrooms are also amazing. I'm crazy. It ticks when you touch it. If you have a bear or itchy back, you can go here.


It's getting thinner and smaller, and it's about two people. There are no people going back and forth, and it feels like we are the only ones in the world.

I like this extraordinary feeling when I enter the mountain.


The water is clean. This water gets bigger and bigger, and it becomes Takano River and Kamo River.


The scenery itself doesn't change much lol.


On the way, do you go through this place? Is the child okay? While there is an area where you can climb a road without a road, you will arrive at a hungry cousin in just 30 minutes.

Is it about the 7th minute? It's okay to rehydrate here.


I haven't seen any signboards for a while, so I'm a little relieved that this course is right for me.

There seems to be another course. Let's go next time.


After passing the cedar tree area for forestry, it feels like a mountain. The trees are different, right?

It's fun because it looks like a wooden tunnel.

Well, the road is finally a road that only one person can pass through. Be careful not to let your child fall!


The shadows of the trees are dark, and the contrast between green and sunlight is good.


I'm not sure if it's a road, but when I walk where I can see the mountain surface. .. ..


Arrived. I'll eat rice balls here. About an hour. Good exercise.

Eat rice balls and drink barley tea while chartering nature. This alone is the most luxurious lunch.


Well the scenery is good. You can see the area around Yase.


It says Gourd Kuzureyama, so it's okay here. No, just the right mountain trail. It was a hiking course.

Finally, thank you for reading!
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