Kyoto Iwakura, a supernatural bakery in the mountains “Bruge Kyoto Rakuhoku”

"BRUGGE Kyoto Rakuhoku" is located at the entrance of Hyotankuzureyama, away from the town of Iwakura in the north of Kyoto.

A bakery in a place that seems to appear in a picture book.

I think the nearest station will be Eizan Electric Railway's "Iwakura Station", but it's about 10 minutes by car from there.

If you were thinking, "Well, I can't do it in a place like this," I'm selling mobile wagons.

It seems that the main products are sold at Rakuhoku, Kurama Station, and Takaragaike-dori.

In addition, Osaka Hankyu Umeda and Abeno Harukas are also on special sale, making them quite popular.


So, Iwakura is the only roadside store.

You might be asked, "Where are you now for wagon sales?", But if you're on the road, you can go from here.

What's more, the environment where you can eat in the mountains nearby and along the stream on the open terrace is wonderful.


Simple and minimalist appearance. I wonder if it's okay to enter. ..


A small but neat bakery inside. Hot.

I heard that the signboard menu is a French toast called "Rakuhoku French", which I learned later.


Everything looks delicious. Generally, I'm operating in such a remote place, and I can't believe that I'm not particular about the materials.


Even though it is a bakery surrounded by nature, there are surprisingly decent cakes.

Actually, I just came back from a hike on Hyotankuzureyama.

At the top of the mountain, I was full of rice balls and barley tea, but I wanted something sweet.

This is good. Let's eat here!


The seat is a mountain approaching in front of you. And below you can enjoy sweets in the stream and in the great outdoors.


Jajan! !! No, I was wandering in the mountains until a while ago, but suddenly it was fashionable.

You can experience nature and civilization at the same time.


I think this was like a mango pudding.

The sweetness permeates the body tired from hiking.


This is cream puff. A type with a modest sweetness and a strong taste of the ingredients.

The taste is for adults.


I was able to enjoy the sweets and calm time like a reward after climbing the mountain.

I am very grateful that there is such a cafe in this place.

It was a treat!

BRUGGE RAKUHOKU Bruges Kyoto Rakuhoku
1050 Iwakura Hase-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-0026

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1050, Iwakura Hasemachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

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