The historic restaurant “Shimogamo Saryo” produced by Koyama Kundō in Kyoto is friendly to restaurant beginners.

"Shimogamo Saryo" is located in a good location near Shimogamo Shrine and Tadasu-no-Mori in Kyoto.

A quiet restaurant located along the Kamo River, away from the hustle and bustle of Kyoto.

Founded in the third year of Ansei (1856). There is also history.

So far, it's a stance that is often found in Kyoto, but it also adds to the fun of being produced by Koyama Kundō.

What is the production of Koyama Kundō style? One house that I've always wanted to visit.


When I made a reservation for the next Sunday night on Saturday, it was surprisingly vacant. Oh, lucky.

I am grateful that children are welcome.

Adults have a 13000 yen course, and children have a "kids' set".

I think this was about 3800 yen.

In addition, when I ordered various ingredients, they were willing to respond.

Well, as expected, the correspondence around here is proper.

I felt the enthusiasm to meet all the requests of customers.


And on the day, although it was a reservation at 19:30, I arrived before 19:00.

It's too early.

So I asked him to leave only the car and told me that I would like to take a walk around that area.

"Is it okay to eat now?"

Easy response to sudden response.

This is a great consideration for tourists who cannot see the time when sightseeing in Kyoto.

I am grateful that the parking lot is fully equipped, and it is also good that the parking lot is easy to park in front of the store.

Many parking lots in Kyoto are really hard to park.

You can use a paper driver here.


The inside of the shop is insanely large like a maze.

It is really modern that the atmosphere of the West is taken in here and there based on the making of Japanese tea room.

The shop staff also has a Japanese-style Nakai style, a black suit wedding planner style, and a mix of Japanese and Western styles.

Well, in fact, it's the perfect location for weddings, face-to-face meetings, and weddings.


It's a space of wabi-sabi and sophistication.


There is also a second floor.


Look upstairs from the garden. The second floor is also nice with an open feeling.


The garden is quite thick and full of wild trees.

However, the cicada said, "Jijiji!"


Well, finally to the room.

Ohhh. This raises the tension. A special meal is waiting for you, which will enhance your uplifting feeling.

And wide. Is there about 14 tatami mats? Even though there are only 4 people. It's a lot of people.

This alone is a good value for 13000 yen per adult.

I'd like to go to a long-established restaurant in Kyoto, but I recommend it to people who think it's awkward because of various conventions.

It's a long-established restaurant, but it's easy to handle like a hotel.

Next time, I will report on the meal!

Shimogamo Saryo

Address: 62 Shimogamo Miyakawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL: 075-701-5185

Regular holiday: Irregular holiday

business hours:
11:00 to 15:00 noon (14:00 LO)
Night 17: 00-21: 00 (20:00 LO)

62 Shimogamo Miyakawa-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

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