Can it be cheaper than “Suddenly! Steak”? Kyoto Karasuma Oike’s little-known lunch “Bistro Relations”

3 minutes walk from Karasuma Oike Station. "Bistro Relations" in Sakaimachi-dori Aneyakoji-dori.

If you want to eat a lot of steak meat, this 1000 yen steak lunch is recommended.

Speaking of steak, "Suddenly! Steak" is famous these days, but it's a standing eater. ..


In that respect, the difference is cloudy considering that you can naturally eat while sitting in the shop.

I won't access it. Or rather, it's hard to stand up and eat.

At night, you can enjoy authentic French cuisine as a bistro, but lunch is full of bleeding service.


Furthermore, it is overwhelming even at cospa.

"Suddenly! Steak" Lunch steak (200g) for 1100 yen (excluding tax)

"Bistro relations" lunch steak (200g) 1000 yen (excluding tax)! !!

This will be an overwhelming victory. Thank you.


Furthermore, the meat is delicious! Rather, the technique of baking is different from "Suddenly! Steak".

Most of the steaks from chains and cheap stores are sloppy.

Furthermore, even if you say "medium rare", it comes out as super rare.

I think this is because the meat that Japanese people like and think is delicious is "soft meat".

If you don't use good meat, the meat will become hard if it is cooked too hard, so you don't want to think so.

In this respect as well, "Bistro Relations" is doing its best.


The outside is crispy and the inside is pink.  "We're not a steakhouse. It's just a bistro."  This certainly makes me want to go at night.  There is a course from 3000 yen at night, which is also good cost performance.  The meat is delicious, but the garnished potatoes and bread are also excellent.  Moreover, it will be rumbling, so is it a good meal? I'm glad that even an adult man can be satisfied.  If you don't go early at lunch time, you'll line up a little.  However, with such a waiting time, it is close to the station and it can be said that it is a super secret lunch of steak.  Bistro relations  〒604-0000  687 Osakazaimokucho, Aneyakoji-dori, Sakaimachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 2nd Pearl Heights 1F
11: 30-15: 00 (L.O.14: 00)
17: 30-22: 00 (L.O.21: 00)
Open for lunch, open on Sundays, closed on Wednesdays  =====================================================================
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