Kyoto version “Mentoku 2nd generation Tsujita”? Just like that! “Men Takumi Takamatsu”

"Men Takumi Takamatsu" in Higashinotoin Nishiiri-ru, Takoyakushi-dori.

4 minutes walk from Shijo station, 7 minutes walk from Karasuma Oike.


Located in the business district of Kyoto, there are overwhelmingly many office workers and office ladies for lunch on weekdays.

Certainly, there is a clean feeling around here, and it is a ramen shop that stands out.

It is clear that having many office workers means that the store has good cost performance and many repeaters, so it is a good store.

Because when I ask my colleague, "It's not that delicious over there," I wouldn't go. Bother.


The inside of the shop is full of clerk of that's ramen shop, who ties a towel with his head.

Of course, Lehmans too. Even an office lady is easy to enter because it is a beautiful shop.

The pots that say soup split are placed at equal intervals, which makes it feel like it's tidy.


There are many seasonings.

First of all, black shichimi. This is from "Hara Ryogu" in Gion, Kyoto. Black Shichimi purveyor to the Imperial Household Ministry.

Founded in 1703, around the time of Genroku.

Founded by Mototoki Hara, one of the Ronin Ako. A historic condiment that continues to this day with the technique of Ichiko Soden.

So, I chose the same condiments as "Mentoku 2nd generation Tsujita".

"Mentoku 2nd generation Tsujita" was founded in 2003, and "Men Takumi Takamatsu" was in 2011, so I wonder if it was imitated.

There are other variations such as black pepper and sea lettuce seaweed.

The fact that a paper apron is always available is also a high score.


And it ’s ramen. What kind of system is it? .. .. Is it a refreshingly rich taste? am.

It feels like a bird-based refreshing umami soup stock plus a seafood-based soup stock.

It was delicious, no different from the customer base.

If you're a student, the rich ramen that's squeaky is more popular, but it's an office district.

A little more refreshing feeling will be popular.

However, if the ramen is too refreshing, it will be unsatisfactory, so make it rich with soup stock.

I can't help but think that it's a ramen after carefully calculating the location and customer base.

By the way, the most popular restaurant is "Tsukemen".

Noodles made from whole wheat flour from Nagano, a muddy type of animal soup with seafood added.

Yeah? This feeling is insanely similar to the "second generation Tsujita".

It's the same as squeezing sudachi, and the way to eat is written on the counter.
"Second generation Tsujita"

I should eat it as it is

If you eat a few-thirds, sudachi,

Three, the remaining one-third is black pepper.

"Men Takumi Takamatsu"

First, as it is

2. Put onions and eat

Three, add sudachi and black pepper,

4. Divide with soup.

"Second generation Tsujita" is also divided into soup even if it is not said at the end.

"Men Takumi Takamatsu" is only as good as adding onions.

that? This is a concept, is it a little puck? No, I'm completely conscious of this.

The overall feeling is just like Japanese. In addition, both store designs use family crests.

It can be said that it is the "second generation Tsujita" in Kyoto. I wonder if I have permission. ..


I also tried the chicken pickled rice bowl.

This is also a refreshing and nice salt plum.

However, I tried to make chicken from the char siu rice of "2nd generation Tsujita", but it doesn't feel like it. ..

Hmmm, is this okay? It can be said that it is "Kyoto's second generation Tsujita".

"Men Takumi Takamatsu"
312 Ichirenshacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
10: 30-23: 45

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312 Ichirenshacho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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