“Kyoto Prefectural Kamogawa Park Athletic Field”, a little-known river play spot that Kyoto people go to in the summer

There is a sea in Kyoto, but it's so far away.

However, there are many beautiful rivers only in Kyoto City, which is surrounded by the mountains of Mt.

Even the Kamo River, which flows through the center of Kyoto, is extremely transparent.

I think, "Ah, I want to jump into that river right now if there are no people."

A place where you can do "butterfly in Kamogawa" instead of "butterfly in the Ganges"

Is there a river play spot that is close to the city of Kyoto and can be reached immediately?

There is a hidden spot that answers 120% of your worries.

Yes, I will say it without any hassle.

It is the Kamo River along the Zubari "Kyoto Prefectural Kamogawa Park Athletic Field".


Close to Kamigamo Shrine, there is no longer a rural landscape. So you can easily play in the river.


There are riverbanks and lush grass carpets under Kinoshita. It is also possible to pretend to be Manet's "Lunch on the grass".

In fact, the Kawahara faction laid out tents and the Kinoshita faction laid out sheets to enjoy a picnic.

By far, I recommend the Kusagami school.


The water is incredibly clean. Small fish should be taken for granted.

Rather, from the perspective of small fish, there are as many as "what humans are coming".

All-you-can-eat on the net. In fact, I catch small fish every year and put them in the aquarium.

If you keep it well, you will live for about a year.

But lately, I've died at the end, and it's too hot, so I wonder if I should stop. ..


The shallow part is about the ankle, and the deep part is about the stomach of an adult man, so even with small children there is a sense of security.

The water is cold! This is a scratch on the ball. If you get used to it, somehow.

Because it is a river, you can literally enjoy the natural "flowing pool". Floating rings are a must!


There are mountains nearby. There is also a private house on the other side.

And, as another recommendation here, the parking lot is fully equipped with a point that occupies a considerable proportion!

This is the best, and even more free! !!

Please keep it in the parking lot of "Kyoto Prefectural Kamogawa Park Athletic Field".

Please take a look at the children who are sweating at the baseball stadium even though it is hot and playing baseball.

Kyoto Prefectural Kamogawa Park Athletic Field

Kamigamo Nakajimagawara Town, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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Kamigamo Nakajimagawara-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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