Renge-ji Temple, a little-known spot for autumn leaves in Kyoto.

A little away from the center of Kyoto, we headed to Renge-ji Temple, a little-known temple with colored leaves.

The nearest station is Miyake Hachiman of Eizan Electric Railway.

It is said to be the work of Hojo Ishikawa, who retired at Shisen-do, and the work of Enshu Kobori.

Well, in any case, it's a famous garden.

The nearest station is "Miyake Hachiman Station" of Eizan Electric Railway. Please take the train bound for "Yase Station".


While saying that, I went by bicycle. A mysterious atmosphere along the river on the way.


Yes, a quiet gate. It feels good. Without being crowded

A nice temple that people visit.


First of all, the carpet of autumn leaves welcomes you. The contrast between red and yellow is nice.


The autumn leaves wet in the rain are 50% more beautiful. The stone pavement can also get wet.


By the way, I went there on November 15, 2015.

The leaves are still a little green. Still, the colors are beautiful in red, yellow, and green.

If you are thinking of going to the autumn leaves this year, please refer to the time.


Speaking of autumn leaves in Kyoto, the colors of the garden seen from inside are probably the colors.

Was it a little early? Still clean enough. There are few people.


Well, good time will flow. The air is different from the city, and it feels calm.


It's a nice space where you can enjoy the garden at a fairly wide angle, even if it doesn't go up to 360 degrees.


Well, the morning is recommended. There are no people and the air is quiet.


You can also go out to the garden. Be careful as it slips on rainy days.


The contrast between the green of the moss and the red autumn leaves is also nice.

Rengeji Temple

Hachimancho, Kamitakano Town, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City

京都食べ歩き ブログランキングへ

京都府京都市 ブログランキングへ
にほんブログ村 旅行ブログ 京都旅行へ
にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 京都食べ歩きへ


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