“Home rice Kokoraya Karasuma store” that results in going to Kyoto Machiya Renovation Izakaya

"Home rice here". A chain store in the Nakameguro area of ​​Kyoto and Tokyo.

There are about 10 local food chains in all.

So, it's usually cozy in the remodeled Machiya store.

Moderately noisy, okay, and the price is reasonable.

That's why I tend to get into it without knowing it and say, "Oh, this is also a shop here."

Of course, this was also the case with "Ouchigohan Kokoraya Karasuma"! See you again!

Because the name of the store isn't written in a big way, and the atmosphere is nice, so it's easy to enter.

おうちごはんここら屋 烏丸店7

The location is also good. It is close to Shijo Station and Karasuma Station, and No. 1 is recommended during the Gion Festival.

It's located in the middle of the floats, so I'm tired of walking.

It's convenient when you're hungry, saying, "Let's eat at a cool restaurant with a Kyoto-like feel!"

The atmosphere of this alley is nice when you enter the alley that extends east from Shinmachi-dori.

Alleys that are a little difficult for tourists to find and enter.

So, even though the location is good, I can jump in unexpectedly. This comes in handy.

おうちごはんここら屋 烏丸店

This is the appearance. It feels profound for a moment, but when I look inside, the customers are happy.

Yeah, this feels good without stretching my shoulders. I definitely want to drink here! It will be.

おうちごはんここら屋 烏丸店5

I was happy on the first floor, but there are no people on the second floor. This calms down.

おうちごはんここら屋 烏丸店3

Tofu. It doesn't have to be elegant with plenty of green onions and dried bonito flakes.

おうちごはんここら屋 烏丸店2

I'm glad that Yuba, which is typical of Kyoto, is usually listed as an izakaya menu.

おうちごはんここら屋 烏丸店4

Potato salad, a staple of the izakaya menu. It has a slightly yellowish taste and I want to eat it with pepper.  Whew. I took a break. Even so, at this pace, it seems that all "Kokoraya" stores will be conquered.  Home rice Kokoraya Karasuma store  Address: 471-1 Kannondo-cho, Shinmachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto  TEL 075-257-3088  Business hours: Weekdays 18: 00-24: 00 (Meals 23:00 LO Drinks 23:30 LO)
Saturday 17: 30-24: 00 (Meals 23:00 LO Drinks 23:30 LO)  Regular holiday every Sunday
471-1 Kannondocho, Shinmachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi


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