Teramachi Sanjo, Showa set meal shop “Nama Soba Tokiwa”

Founded in the 11th year of the Meiji era, lunch at "Nama Soba Tokiwa" in Sanjo, Teramachi, Kyoto.

Is it delicious? When asked, I have no choice but to answer "Not really .. Normal".

The atmosphere of the shop is just a veteran, and it looks like it is in the middle of the Showa era.

Well, if you like this kind of atmosphere, you'll be addicted to it.

On the contrary, there are a few messy stores. .. I can't recommend it to anyone who says.



The menu is abundant anyway. More than 10 kinds of soba and udon, curry rice,

Fried rice, tendon bowl, oyakodon, hamburger steak, grilled fish set meal, fried shrimp set meal,

Don't worry about anything. There are about 50 kinds of lunch menus in total.


This time, I ordered a "daily set meal" of 750 yen, a "mackerel salt-grilled set meal".

I'm glad that you can choose Wanko soba, Udon or Akadashi.

Furthermore, it is interesting that it comes with a remnant of the Showa era or a sprinkle of glue.

Well, if you compare the taste, it's a factory employee cafeteria. ..

For those who like the atmosphere and want to feel another history of Kyoto, just for a cheap lunch

It may be good for people who want to fill their stomachs.

Personally, I want to feel the history, but it's better to make the store a little cleaner.

Raw soba Tokiwa
523 Tenshojimaecho, which goes up Sanjo, Teramachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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