Kyoto’s most fashionable ramen “no signboard, unnamed ramen shop” that you can never reach without knowing

Cross the Takase River from Kiyamachi-dori and just after entering Aneyakoji-dori

There is a signboard and a ramen shop without a name. About 3 minutes walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station.

Well, if you don't know it, you can never reach it.

It seems to be produced by the popular ramen shop "Takakura Nijo".


It is located along the Takase River on Kiyamachi-dori, which is full of Kyoto-ness.


This is the entrance. This is hard to enter! If you are not sure that the future is a ramen shop,

First of all, you won't have the courage to go down this staircase.


So, when you enter, it looks like this. This is not a ramen shop at all. Exposed concrete and trees.

It's quite an avant-garde.

However, he is good at making stories. A ramen shop with a signboard and name along the Takase River, a symbol of Kyoto.

Once inside, is it a cafe? It's so fashionable. Kyoto really sticks to directing.

Isn't it possible to do it without directing and storytelling like this, Kyoto?


The inside of the store is underground, but the lights are well lit, and there is no feeling of blockage. The Takase River is outside the window.

There is a grill in the foreground, where char siu, tomatoes and green onions are baked. This is an appetite!

It's fashionable, isn't it?


Jazz is playing in the store. No longer a cafe. You can see the pan and barely leave the impression of a ramen shop.

The menu includes ramen and tsukemen, and the types of soup are "rich" and "tanrei", and "multi-layered" which is a mixture of the two.

I feel like there were quite a few other curries and so on.

When I line up behind at the ticket vending machine, I can't see anything in a hurry.

Besides, there are various toppings. This time, the multi-layered tsukemen is topped with charcoal-grilled chicken thigh.

Tsukemen is 850 yen, charcoal chicken thigh is 150 yen, and just 1000 yen for lunch.


Then, the ramen arrived. The bowl with soup is the French "staub". It's fashionable.

I think this is a guy who has a name like Astragalus. I don't know.

So you don't have chopsticks? When I asked the clerk, it was in the drawer under the counter.


What's this! It's too fashionable. Let's talk about the location of chopsticks first. I definitely don't know.

A bowl containing pepper, gang, Japanese pepper, and Garam masala? Is too fashionable again.

If you knock it like a mechanical pencil, it will come out smoothly. This is amazing.


So, ramen, motoi, and tsukemen.

Grilled tomatoes, grilled green onions, and authentic ramen shops.

Especially the char siu is quite delicious. It is good that the fat part is slightly charcoal-grilled.

The charcoal-grilled chicken thighs are also delicious with a firm flesh while being fluffy.

The noodles have a texture and taste between ramen and soba. The shape is similar to buckwheat noodles, and the cross section is rectangular.

The noodles are nice and refreshing.

The soup is unexpectedly normal. It's a common type.

It feels like a mixed soup of seafood, chicken and pork. Seafood is the strongest.

The taste is so good, the atmosphere of the shop is good, there is a sense of surprise, and it is a ramen shop that makes you want to bring someone.

Signboard, unnamed ramen shop
534-31 Ebisucho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto CEO Kiyamachi Building B1F
Business hours 11: 30-15: 00 18: 00-22: 00 (until 21:00 on Saturdays and Sundays)

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