Natural Thai restaurant “Bread and rice AOW” with children

Kyoto is Sakyo Ward, Thai restaurant "Pan and rice AOW" just off the Eizan Electric Railway "Ichijoji" station.

On the way back from Kyoto's famous bookstore "Kebunsha", I found this shop that I could eat with peace of mind even with children.

The signboard is simple, and not only restaurants but also clothes and miscellaneous goods are sold, so it's a little difficult to understand.

However, there are tables and chairs in front of the store, which makes it feel like an open cafe.


I'm sure this is a Thai-style interior inside the store, so it's kind of fun.

Children's clothes are also sold, and the chairs and tables are a little kindergarten-like in color, so

Definitely an atmosphere that is OK with children.


The taste is authentic while it is OK with children. Speaking of Thai properly, beer is also this! "Singha".

I'm screaming from daytime. The atmosphere is tropical Thailand.


Khao Man Gai set. Khao Man Gai, a super delicious dish that represents Thailand, no Asia.

It feels good to have soup.


Coriander is also on board and Asian. The owner seems to have lived in Thailand, and the taste is closer to the local area.

It's refreshing and delicious.


Pho too. Is pho Vietnamese food? Then, is it called Thai Ramen?


The soup is also delicious. The vessel also has a unique texture that seems to be imported directly from Thailand.


Bread, which is also the specialty of this shop.

We are particular about ingredients such as homemade yeast, wheat from Hokkaido, and sea salt from Okinawa.

So it's safe for children.


This is a sandwich. I'm glad that there are a lot of vegetables.

Actually, I don't like vegetables so much.

Children should eat well!

Anyway, I thought Thai food was more spicy, but this food is almost not spicy.

This makes it easy for children to eat.

Maybe if you ask for Thai curry, the spices will work properly.

It is a good Thai restaurant where you can rest assured with children with safe ingredients.

"Bread and rice AOW"

12-17 Ichijoji Haradencho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
2 minutes walk from Eizan Electric Railway Ichijoji Station
From about 11:30 to about 19:00
Until 21:00 on Saturdays
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat (Bread is sold on Tue, Fri, Sat)
Every Wednesday, the third Sunday is Aurora Cafe business day.

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12-17 Ichijoji Haradencho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

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