[Biwako Valley] A ski resort that is nearly a 40-minute drive from Kyoto!

The ski resort "Biwako Valley" is just a 40-minute drive from Kyoto.

After passing through Ohara from Yase, turn right at the intersection whose name is "on the way".

A course that goes out to Lake Biwa as it is. To Lake Biwa in no time.

If you go out to Lake Biwa, you will reach "Lake Biwa Valley" in a few minutes.

The nice thing about this ski resort is that it's OK without studless tires.

Because the ski resort is on the mountaintop, even if the shores of Lake Biwa are not piled up at all,

If you go to the top of the mountain by ropeway, there is a silver world.

You can't buy studless tires just for skiing.

And another great point.

It means that you can overlook Lake Biwa.

Actually, it is called "Biwako Valley" and "Biwako Terrace" in the summer.

It is also a fashionable spot with a panoramic view of Lake Biwa.

This is also very popular, and I went there last summer, but I gave up on the parking lot due to heavy traffic. ..


By the way, skiing in the winter season.

Even if I went there around noon on Sunday, February, the parking lot was vacant.

Take the shuttle bus to the ropeway platform.

Rental is also here.

Adult ski rental, children's ski & wear rental is 10500 yen.

I'm sorry.

My child didn't have gloves, so I bought it at the shop. This is 2500 yen.


With all the preparations in place, the ropeway is a great deal with the lift and set.

The afternoon fee is 5000 yen per adult and 3500 per child for a total of 8500 yen.

I'm sorry.


The ropeway is a big size that can accommodate about 50 people at a time.


I will climb a considerable height difference at once.


As I climbed up, there was snow under my eyes in no time.


My child was a complete beginner, or rather the first ski in my life,

It may not be very easy for beginners.

Because, when you go up on the ropeway, you suddenly get a lift.

The space for super beginners and children who can't ride the lift is narrow!

There is only about 10m square.

It may not be recommended as a child's first ski.


Of course, there is a ski school, but space is taken up there.

However, the ski school space is also small.

So, I can only practice to slip a little less than 10m and stop.


That's why children get tired of it, so I play sledging.

This one seemed to be fun for kids too.


After all, I paid the lift ticket for adults and children, but I never got on it.

That might be the first slip of a child.

If anything, I want you to get close to the snowy mountains and like them.

I don't really want to have a Spartan style.


Even so, the difficult thing was the return ropeway.

A long line at about 4:30. Lined up with over 200 people.

Moreover, under the cold sky of the snowy mountains. .. ..

This is terrible.

Line up for over an hour! !! !!


I thought I couldn't line up with such a child,

Wait in the indoor lobby of Lake Biwa Terrace.

It's warm here.

It is a facility that will be closed after 16:00,

It will be overlooked.

After all, I got on the ropeway around 6:30 pm. ..

The next time you come, you should come in the morning and return early at 16:00.

Biwako Valley
1547-1 Kido, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

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1547-1 Kido, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture

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