[Camel Diner Kyoto store] is not so voluminous, isn’t it?

Camel diner. Needless to say, this is a roast beef bowl restaurant.

As a touch, it feels like "the volume of meat is not hampered! Cospa is the best!"

I just don't understand this.

I wonder if there is so much volume.

Of course, if you ask for a large serving, it will be voluminous, but if it is a normal serving, you will not be full at all. .. ..


"Camel Diner Kyoto" is located in the alley between Teramachi-dori and Shinkyogoku.

Around MOVIX Kyoto.

As for the station, it is a 6-minute walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station and an 8-minute walk from Sanjo Station.

It is located on the path between Teramachi-dori and Shinkyogoku-dori.

"A popular bowl that can be lined up every day in Shinsaibashi America-mura, Osaka is now available in Kyoto !!"

And, it is really exciting.

However, this "in Osaka" may be counterproductive in Kyoto. ..

However, there is a merchant town, a store that originated in Osaka,

"Kyoto store only! Japanese with homemade ponzu sauce and Kyoto pickles"

The warmth that I firmly aimed at the local uke.


Visit for lunch. The inside of the store is small.

But it wasn't as crowded as I expected, so it was okay lol.

In addition to the roast beef bowl, the menu also includes "Osaka's specialty doteyaki curry."

This looks delicious with this. But today I have decided to use the main roast beef bowl because it's a big deal.

Roast beef bowl

There are singles 797 yen, 1.5 times 1000 yen, doubles 1195 yen, and triples 1593 yen.

It's 750 yen for girls.


I ordered an orthodox single.

Well, the amount is small. The gap from this image creation is quite disappointing.

In the end, I think people who came for fun, interest, and Instagram made a boom.

If it's a triple, it seems to be quite pictorially exciting.

It may be difficult for people who normally work nearby and want to eat well at lunch.

However, the taste is delicious. Sweet sauce is also good.

That's why I'm very sorry.

After all, people who want to eat plenty of volume can ask for triples. ..

But it's 1720 yen including tax.

This is a little expensive for a regular office worker's lunch.

I think the children who come to Amerikamura are young,

Did you say that the young children are really voluminous?

I can't believe it.
I came to Amerikamura and asked for a triple, almost like sightseeing.

Maybe he said, "There is volume!"

For everyday use, the price and quantity are a little delicate.

I like the taste itself.

Camel Diner Kyoto Store
406-26 Sakuranocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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406-26 Sakuranocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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