Cherry blossoms in Kyoto in time even in mid-April! How to take a picture of “Ninnaji Omurozakura”.

Good news for those who have come to Kyoto but unfortunately missed the cherry blossom season.

The cherry blossom viewing at Ninnaji Temple, a World Heritage Site, is in full bloom after mid-April!

For some reason, only the cherry blossoms here are late in flowering.

Moreover, the clear reason is unknown even in the present age when science has developed.

The reason is that the bottom is clayey and the roots cannot be stretched.

He is short and blooms late. Currently under investigation.

It's a mystery.

Access is

By train, get off at "Omuro-Ninwaji Station" on the Keifuku Electric Railway Kitano Line and walk for 3 minutes.

By bus, take No. 26 from Kyoto Station for about 40 minutes.

Even with cars, there are 100 parking lots, so even when it's in full bloom, it's not so "full".


"Niomon" is one of the three major gates in Kyoto. By the way, the other two are Nanzenji Temple and Chion-in Temple.

Certainly fine. I fall in love with you. When facing the road, its size and splendor stand out.


In addition to the cherry blossom garden where Omuro cherry blossoms bloom, cherry blossoms are blooming here and there in the precincts.


And yes, this is Omurozakura at Ninnaji Temple.

A mysterious cherry blossom that is only 2 to 3 meters tall.

The inside of the cherry blossom garden is not good, but you can eat and drink, which is rare for a temple.

So you can see the cherry blossoms like a picnic.


When you enter the cherry blossom garden, it is exactly the cherry blossom garden!

As it is short, the feeling of being surrounded by cherry blossom petals is gorgeous as far as the eye can see.

I am convinced that this was a scenic spot for cherry blossom viewing from long ago.


"Nebuta's spring is from the flowers of Omuro" Yosa Buson

"Isn't spring really sleepy coming from Omurozakura in Ninnaji Temple?"

There is also a phrase that blames Omuro Sakura for being unreasonable.

Well sure. If it blooms so beautifully, I feel that it may have a hypnotic effect or some other mysterious effect on the body.


When it comes to cherry blossom viewing and cherry blossoms in Kyoto, I really want to put in a temple roof.

Ninna-ji has a perfect five-storied pagoda.

Many cameramen try to put this in.

Actually, I only post pictures that do not show people, but in reality there are many people depending on the angle lol.


That's why the angle that can be taken so that people are not photographed, the recommended one is here.

If you point the camera a little further down, many people will pass by lol.

But isn't it okay?


Yes, this angle is also recommended.

You went to the back from the entrance.

At the bottom right, there are a lot of people, lol.

In such a case,


Yes, I did it! Deadly trimming.

This completes the cherry blossom and cherry-blossom viewing photos unique to The Kyoto, which looks great on Instagram.

It has a solid five-storied tower.

Haiku of old people,

"From Ninnaji Temple and your feet, a cloud of flowers" Spring mud

This is the completion of a photograph that perfectly traces the world view of. Viva, modern technology!


The petals of the cherry blossoms on the ground are beautiful again.

The previous "from Ashimoto" may mean something like this.

The cherry blossoms in Kyoto are also over at Ninnaji Temple this year. I hope you enjoy it until next year.

It is exactly the "remains" of Kyozakura.

Ninnaji Temple
33 Omuroouchi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
TEL / 075-461-1155

33 Omuroouchi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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