One Michelin-starred bird dish “Tori Cuisine Seto” in the countryside of Kyoto

Kyoto is Rakuhoku, and there is no longer the elegant atmosphere of the city, and it is a natural environment.

A farmhouse-style mansion surrounded by mountains, a little over 10 minutes on foot from Ichihara Station on the Eizan Railway, is "Tori Cuisine Seto".

I can't help but wonder, "Is this one Michelin star?"

Limited to 3 groups a day. In order to provide fresh birds, let's stick to the birds that are kept flat at the store by counting back the reservation time.

That's fresh!


The gate of the temple is very impressive. By the way, the parking lot is fully equipped, so it’s perfect for those who are sightseeing in Kyoto by car.

It’s a bit of a hassle to come here by train.

When you pass through the gate, it looks like a country mansion, like a country grandma's house.

It's a good idea to take a walk in the garden until you can cook.


Is it a folk art museum? The front door that seems to make you think. Since there are 3 groups a day, it hardly suits other customers.

It feels like a farmer's mansion is completely rented out. I wonder if the grandmas went to the rice fields.


Yes, the hall. I will have it here. However, the table next to it is empty. This is also a chartered state.


First of all, you can see the meat of the bird that seems to have just been handled.

Hmmm, it's really fresh. I guess I was alive until a while ago. I'm sorry, Mr. Tori.

Thank you for your support. I want to eat your pancreas and meat.

Thigh meat, chicken meat, and other meats from various parts are lined up.


Then, the meat is grilled once, so during that time, I eat the fresh vegetables that were harvested around here.

A wild taste that gently soaks into the body.


A dish of eggplant and ginger. It feels like a stomach preparation exercise. delicious.


There are many small bowls, and the texture and texture are all different. It's healthy.


And the meat I mentioned earlier is roasted and reappears.

It looks delicious. Gollum.


Yakitori is good for sauce, but I want to use salt for such fresh chicken.


This is thigh meat and chicken. Elastic and firm texture.

delicious. Refreshing taste and gravy. It's good. The heat is perfect.

It is made by someone who is familiar with fresh birds.

A long time ago, Kochi ate natural eels in the Shimanto River.

The body was greenish and it was a wonderful natural eel, but it was subtle when cooked by a local fisherman. ..

I have been keenly aware that it is necessary to make a proper cook, such as how to cook and sauce.

In that respect, this shop is okay! !!


Next, I'll bring you some meat for chicken hot pot.

The color is beautiful. In addition to meat, of course, the internal organs also come in and eat the whole bird.


Then, the beautiful pink and orange meat can be made to stand up in a blink of an eye.

Gassho to the bird in my heart. It's okay, I'll eat everything and make your life straight.

By the way, the hot pot is a soy sauce-based hot pot that you rarely see in Tokyo. In other words, sukiyaki.

When you think of a bird's hot pot in Tokyo, you tend to think of the Hakata-based cloudy soup, but unexpectedly, the soy sauce-based hot pot is the mainstream.

It suits the sweetness of beef, but chicken is weak, isn't it? I thought, but it's really delicious because it's well established in Kansai.


What is surprising is the raw quail eggs that are pickled. It may go well with a thick soup.


So, to finish off, I cooked chicken porridge. It ’s really delicious! Bird extract, super condensed.

Over there, hoo, hoo, zoo. It doesn't stop even if it's hot.

It can be said that the rice is soup and it is no longer soup.


The last is refreshing with fruit. Eating a pear is more refreshing than refreshing.


With three groups a day, it's nice to have the luxury of renting out a country house and eating fresh, wild food.

Of course, I'm really grateful as a parent to be able to eat without hesitation even with children.

It's a little far from Kyoto Station, but it's inevitable that it will be a memorable supper that you can't enjoy in ordinary sightseeing in Kyoto.

It's a perfect place to taste a different kind of Kyoto.

Tori cuisine Seto

336 Haramachi, Shizuichi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 601-1123
336 Haramachi, Shizuichi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

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