Not recommended for tourists! Takara-gaike Park, a spot for autumn leaves for Kyoto people to relax

I feel that there are quite a few private autumnal spots that Kyoto people don't want tourists to come to.

Of course, I don't want you to come, so I wouldn't say "I have a private spot for autumn leaves!"

However, once I hear "Tell me some good spots for autumn leaves!", They will tell you normally.

I don't like a lot of strangers coming in, but if you feel like it, I recommend it at all.

It may be that Kyoto is popular.


Then, "Takara-gaike Park" which is the spot of autumn leaves in Kyoto this time.

This is, of course, my favorite place.

However, it's okay for tourists to come.

But why did you say "I don't recommend it to tourists!" In the title? ..

It's not like Kyoto at all, lol.

Because it's a park. Speaking of autumn leaves in Kyoto, the autumn leaves hang down in front of the temples and shrines.

You expect something like that, right? Because there is none.


But I personally like this park.

In the spring, you will be taken care of by cherry blossom viewing, in the summer you will be taken care of by playing in the river, and in the autumn you will be taken care of by the autumn leaves.

As for the autumn leaves, it is the best because you can enjoy the super-natural autumn leaves in just 10 minutes from the city of Kyoto.

The level is different from the autumn leaves of the temples and shrines in Kyoto.

The whole mountain is reflected in autumn colors and Takaragaike, and the beauty is doubled! !!


After all, the scale of the autumn leaves that you feel in the forest is completely different.

If the contrast between the temple and the maple is the real thrill of the autumn leaves in the city of Kyoto,

Here is the contrast between the autumn leaves, the lake and the sky.


It would be pretty dangerous if "Autumn dusk" was added there.

This world is only 20 minutes from Kyoto Station. It's amazing that it's a 0-minute walk from Kokusaikaikan Station.

There are also deer. How much nature is it.


By the way, as an aside, when I got off at Kokusaikaikan Station around 21:00,

I have been surrounded by a group of deer, about 10 animals.

When I think that the sound is approaching in the darkness,

A flock of deer begins to arc around them,

As it was, I went into the woods with a spo-spo. .. ..

I was really scared, but it was a dream-like experience that I couldn't think of as a reality.

It is also a messenger of God. I try to think it's a good thing.


Well, Takaragaike Park has a lot of different feelings. It is a place of relaxation for Kyoto people.


Perfect for a walk. I am grateful that the sidewalks are properly maintained.

Yellow carpet. Since the trees are tall, the vertical line of sight is wide and open.

It's the best autumn walk.


Not to mention the autumn picnic. Autumn in kyoto.


It feels like a foreign park in terms of how to make the best use of nature and its size, but I wonder if maples are outside Japan.

I wonder if there are maple leaves with the Canadian flag, but I wonder if they have maple leaves.


And there was another reason why I recommend hunting for autumn leaves in Takara-gaike Park.

Boat! !! With this, you can enjoy the autumn leaves even from the middle of the lake.

You can enjoy the mountain of autumn leaves in front of you and the autumn leaves reflected on the surface of the lake that extends to the bottom of your eyes.

And if you're traveling with children, it's super fun and delightful for children.

If you are on a diet, you can do good things such as rowing a boat.

As expected, my beloved "Takaragaike Park".


There is also a cafe where you can eat light meals and soft serve ice cream if you get a little tired!

how is it! ?? Isn't it good? Takaragaike Park!


The inside is also super beautiful. You won't lose to Inokashira Park in Kichijoji, Tokyo!


There is also a sofa seat, so you can be assured that you can relax comfortably.


Oh, and there is also an eastern store on the shore of the lake, so you can enjoy a Japanese taste!


There are still wild areas, and you can still enjoy all aspects of nature.

I've been trying to recommend it a little, but it's still a good park.

If you are a tourist, please do not miss it if you can afford to visit during the autumn leaves.

Takaragaike Park

8 and others in Kamitakano Nagareda-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

8, etc., Kamitakano Nagareda-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

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