If you are a big history lover and a fan of the end of the Edo period, you should go! “Old house of Tomomi Iwakura”

Kyoto is the "Iwakura Tomomi Iwakura Old House" in Rakuhoku, Iwakura.

A mansion that is familiar to history lovers and fans at the end of the Edo period, and is said to have been planned by Tomomi Iwakura to restore the royal government.

Well, ordinary Kyoto tourists will not come.

After all, Iwakura Tomomi doesn't give a very good impression, right?

It feels like a fixer with a string pulled behind it. Also, no matter how you look at your face, it's a villain's face.

When asked, "Who do you like about historical figures?"

I've never met a person who immediately answered "Iwakura Tomomi!"

I already like history, and I wonder if it was the answer after 5 or 6 laps instead of one lap.

In other words, I think there are many people who don't know Iwakura Tomomi itself.
Tomomi Iwakura was originally a Kobu Gattai group (the emperor and the shogunate united to wish for the prosperity of the empire).

However, because he made friends with the Shogunate in that exchange, he was regarded as a Samurai faction and was targeted by the Sonno Joi faction.

Then, Iwakura Village came to me when I was told, "You shouldn't live in Kyoto!"

By the way, "Iwakura" by Tomomi Iwakura is the original surname. It's a strange situation.

It's not "Iwakura Village's Gumi-san".


So, I just lived in Iwakura village for 5 years. Meanwhile, the situation changes a little due to the Kinmon Incident and the Taisei Hokan.

Then, "Iwakura, what are you thinking about this time?", Satsuma Domain and Ryoma Sakamoto come to see me.

Then, "Battle of Toba-Fushimi" broke out! By this time, Iwakura was a royal sect.

When the Satsuma army finds out that they are losing, they will make the flag of the chrysanthemum crest (= government army) without permission!

When the Shogunate army saw this, it became "Lie. I'm a thief army ..." and lost the fighting spirit at once.

Thus, the Satsuma army victory. Established a new government.

After that, Iwakura, who became a bureaucrat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is active as a politician, such as visiting Europe and pushing the theory of conquest of Korea.

That's about life.

So, the reason why it is not popular is that, after all, I changed my mind on the way and made a flag without permission.

I didn't come out on the front stage so much, so I think it's kind of smelly.

No, I've done a lot of work for the new government, and I think it's okay to be a little more respected. ..


The introduction has become quite long, but I went to "Iwakura Tomomi's old house".

A mansion with beautiful white walls. Even though it is a ghost, it is a public house, large enough.


Entrance. Ghosting is the meaning of living away from the world.


Immediately after entering the entrance, Iwakura Tomomi's hand-planted pine trees.

I'm grateful, not so. ..


This is a library that collects the books of the Ishin Shishi. The Western-style building is cool. I can put it inside.


Yes. This is the mansion of Tomomi Iwakura. It's quite wide. fine.

Even though it is a ghost, such a fine house is enviable in modern times.


The garden is also large, isn't it?


Did he sit on this porch and plan a plan for the restoration of the royal government? ..

I wonder if Ryoma Sakamoto might have visited from the gate over there.


This is a shaving monument. Speaking of Tomomi Iwakura, Chonmage is a trademark even after the Meiji Restoration.

However, when he visited the United States, his son said, "My father is super sloppy," and he cried.


Look at the main gate. No, in modern times it's a mansion.

I wonder if both Segodon and Toshimichi Okubo have passed through this gate.


I think he invited me in with the feeling of "Please go inside."

In such a peaceful countryside, the story of politics that smells like kina would have been unfolding.


It's wide. I want to spend my summer vacation at such a grandpa's house.


There is also a courtyard. It feels like I'm away from Kyoto, as it's made with a sweet touch.


Well, I want to take a nap while worrying about the country while looking up at the ceiling in a big letter on the tatami mat.


I mean, how many rooms do you have? I don't need this much fusuma.


Tomomi Iwakura is not in the limelight from history fans.

The place of ghost was also somewhat quiet.

It takes about 20 minutes on foot from Iwakura Station on the Eizan Electric Railway. It would be nice to take a walk,

The bus for "Jisso-in" from Kokusaikaikan is the best access.

Tomomi Iwakura ghost old house

100 Iwakura Aguracho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
9 am-5pm (admission until 4:30 pm)
Thursday holidays
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100 Iwakura Aguracho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

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