One Michelin star “Sakamoto” in Gion, Kyoto where you can see the cherry blossoms

In Kyoto, we had dinner at "Kappo Sakamoto" in Gion Shirakawa. Even in Michelin, I got one star, etc.

It feels like orthodox Kyoto Japanese food.

In early April when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, Gion Shirakawa is a famous place for cherry blossoms that is typical of Kyoto.

So we had a meal on the other side of the river on the street where tourists are taking pictures.

Although you can see the cherry blossoms from the window, you can rest assured that you don't have to worry about the sight of tourists because of the light.

But I wonder if you can see it from the other side.


In fact, it looks like this from the outside.
After enjoying the cherry blossom viewing of Gion Shirakawa, head to "Sakamoto".

Shirakawa Minami-dori, a famous place for cherry blossoms, looks like Gion, but when you enter Ippon-dori, you can see it in no time.

It transforms into a Ginza-like atmosphere where butterflies dance at night. Well, that's right, the role of Gion is now called

It feels like a club social gathering. If you look for the entrance from such a street, you will find a narrow passage leading to the back.


If you walk about 20 meters along the suspicious building passage,


There is a signboard of "Kappo Sakamoto". The entrance is quite simple.


When you enter the store, you can see the cherry blossoms of Gion Shirakawa. There are 2 table seats and a counter.

A small store interior. There is no gorgeous decoration and it is cozy. Maiko on the wall? Geiko-san? of

The uchiwa with the name written on it is displayed, and it really feels like "Gion".


Of course, the back of the counter is in front of the board. There are three generals and disciples. The disciples are sharp.


Well, finally cooking. First, warm your stomach with an aperitif and porridge.

The sake is a doburoku-type white, muddy, unsweetened and authentic sake. Rice porridge is a gentle throat.

With the sour plums, let's eat! I'm full of energy.


First of all, the box with the words "Daiyasu Good Day" was put out as a starter.


Assorted appetizers when you open the inside. Rape blossoms are a dish full of vitality that makes you feel the breath of spring.

The saltiness of salmon is just right. A dish like firefly squid or pressed sushi with white fish tastes like cheese.

Alcohol is good from the beginning.


Bowl. A solidified shrimp, bamboo shoot and mugwort. The wild taste of bamboo shoots is vivid.


sliced ​​raw fish. Grilled sea bream, tuna, bamboo shoots, and bonito skin.

Tai and tuna with a soft and chewy texture. The bonito has a tataki-like skin that is oily and delicious.


Boiled sea bream head and burdock. The saltiness of the sweet and sour juice is exquisite. The muscular meat around the bones of the sea bream

The fun of eating while taking a break. Burdock that sucks well is a texture accent.


Grilled fish of cherry salmon. Is it salmon? The nori seaweed is so good that I think. The trout is a salmonid family.

Burdock is a type that is soaked in Jiuqu this time. This is sour and refreshing.


A bowl appears as a chopstick rest. This is a very light taste. And the cherry blossoms unique to this season.


Sea bream milt and bamboo shoots. The milt of sea bream has a relatively pale taste.


Yuba appears here. This is rich. It's refreshing, but how rich is this?

It goes well with the ponzu sauce that has a good soup stock.


Bamboo shoots mixed with Zunda sauce. Bamboo shoots again! ?? It ’s delicious, though.


Kinshi and chirimen jako rice. This is delicious! Moreover, you are free to replace it.

However, I'm hungry because I've already had a lot of alcohol.


The last is brown sugar-based sweets and mousse-like sweet and sour sweets.

It was reasonably good. As you can see, it feels like orthodox Japanese food.

Even so, there are many Japanese peppers in Kyoto. The buds of the tree are still about the taste of Japanese pepper.

Also, isn't there too many bamboo shoots? It's spring, and I don't know how it feels like the season.

Bamboo shoots 4 times, sea bream 3 times, burdock 2 times, I feel like it's too fogged.

I wonder if I want a little more variation.

Kappo Sakamoto
◇ Location 1F, EF Building, Yamatooji Higashiiri, Gion Sueyoshi-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
◇ TEL. 075-551-2136 FAX: 075-525-0106
◇ Regular holidays Irregular holidays ◇ Business hours
12:00 to 14:00 noon (L.O13: 30)
Night: 17: 00-22: 00 (L.O21:00)

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City Higashiyama-ku, Gion Sueyoshi-cho Yamatooji Higashiiri EF Building 1F

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