“Ramen Yokozuna Sanjo Noodle Bunch” is authentic today’s popular ramen!

There are four ramen shops facing each other at the four corners of Kawaramachi Sanjo. Well, it's not exactly a corner.

"Rairaitei", "Kairikiya", a Chinese restaurant that is not a chain, and "Ramen Yokozuna Sanjo Noodle Bunch".

It seems as if there is a bloody offense and defense of a ramen shop like a mini Ichijoji ramen battlefield. In terms of sales.


This time, we had lunch at "Ramen Yokozuna Sanjo Noodle Bunch". It is located at the end of the Teramachi Arcade.

If you look closely at this shop, you will find "Tsukemen / Ramen Menya Morita produced by Ramen Yokozuna".

Ramen Yokozuna started as a stall in Minami Ward more than 40 years ago in Kyoto, and then became a chain that opened stores in the Kanto region!

Only "Tenkaippin" is featured, but there is also a nationwide ramen shop from Kyoto in such a place.

There are many "ramen yokozuna" on the roadside, and the big "yokozuna" characters can be seen even from a distance.

A store that I wanted to enter someday. Actually, I have never been to "Ramen Yokozuna".

I really like the feeling of resting place for long-distance truck guys at midnight.

That's why I was a little excited before I entered.


As expected, I have never entered the head family, whether it inherits the taste of the head family or not.

Of course, I don't know, but it seems that I'm conscious of a fashionable feeling.

HP says, "We will prepare a fashionable space like a cafe," but that's a bit overstated. ..


There is an IH for heat insulation in each seat in the store. Apparently, it seems to be a consideration not to cool the tsukemen juice.

This is a little interesting. Feeling excessive kindness. Well, I wonder if there are people who really don't like to get cold.

There are three types of tsukemen, "chicken, pork, seafood and soy sauce," "rich miso," and "rich tomato."

There are two types of ramen, our original "rich chicken Chinese" and "gentle Chinese noodles".

After all, Oshi is like Tsukemen. Well, it's the classic "chicken, pork, seafood and soy sauce". I put all the chicken, pork and seafood in it!


Yes, it is "chicken pork seafood soy sauce". The surface is thick noodles. Speaking of tsukemen, this is it.

It has a slightly powdery feel and goes well with tsukemen. The soup is slightly frothy and creamy.

Even so, it's not a thick muddy type, but a shabby feeling. It's okay to be light.

It's not very greasy, but it's just right when you want to eat something that gets stuck in your stomach.

The tsukemen itself isn't as vibrant as "this is this !!"

Well, it's delicious with a sense of stability. It suppresses the current Tsukemen-ness, and I feel ambition for the time being.

"Wow, the lunch break is over, what should I do?"

You can go back to work comfortably with the feeling that "Yeah, the taste is not bad and I ate it."

Tsukemen / Ramen Menya Morita
31 Daikokucho, west of Sanjo Kawaramachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8031
Open all year round
Sunday-Thursday 11: 00-23: 00, order stop 23:00
Friday and Saturday from 11:00 to 24:00 Order stop 23:30

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31 Daikokucho, west of Sanjo Kawaramachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

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