Here is the earliest autumn leaves in Kyoto! Part 1 of “Kosanji Temple” where you can’t miss the bird and beast caricatures

The earliest autumn colors in Kyoto are in the Kaohsiung area. Jingoji and Kosanji are the top two.

To Kosanji Temple. It is already a World Heritage Site. When I'm in Kyoto, I'm not surprised at the World Heritage Sites.

When I went to see the autumn leaves on November 15, 2015, it was already scattered! ??

However, this year is a year of poor autumn leaves, as the people of the temple say.

It was a mixed year, with the early leaves dying before the autumn leaves were completely cut off, and the leaves before the autumn leaves were still there.

It seems that what is needed for beautiful autumn leaves is a relatively cold year, and a difference in temperature between morning and evening.

Well, it certainly took me this year to the very limit.


Well, it was such a year, but let's report.

It's about an hour drive from Kyoto Station. After passing through the city and heading toward the mountains, you will arrive at Kosanji Temple.

The mountains that look like a picture of Japan. The river flows and it is a scenic place.

When I got off at the parking lot, it was full of autumn leaves! It is not supposed to be said. ..


There is a teahouse in front of the parking lot. Kaohsiung's famous "Maple Tempura" makes you feel excited and the old birds sing.


At the entrance of Kosanji Temple, when I asked "How about the autumn leaves?"

"It's raining, so it's raining a lot. If you don't mind, please."

Certainly the leaves are falling. But I've come this far.

It may be good as a carpet of autumn leaves.

Besides, speaking of Kosanji Temple, there are other things besides the autumn leaves!

I want to see that! That's why GO.


The approach to the precincts continues along the slope of the mountain.

The slightly moist mountain air feels good.

Even if I can't see the autumn leaves, either one is getting better.

You can also see that.


Is it written as "Buddha's stone tea ceremony"? I don't know.

As usual, there is a temple in Kyoto, but basically there is no explanation.

Kosanji Temple is the place where I made the tea plantation for the first time, so I think it's probably that type.


It seems that Kyoshi Takahama sang "Low fence, late maple leaves, Kosanji Temple".

Autumn leaves are already in full bloom at Kaisando in the back, but the approach to this area with a low fence is not yet autumn leaves, isn't it?

means. At all, the maple has fallen. .. ..

It was a long time ago, but Kyoshi Takahama came a little while ago.


Entered "Ishimizuin", a residence built in the Kamakura period.

What a national treasure! !!

Well, it's super surprising.

It's something that seems to be normal in a hot spring area, though.


However, the scenery is nice and peaceful.

I feel that all the thoughts of the person in this photo are "Oh, I'm calm."


It's on the mountainside, and it feels very clear. It's a temple, or a wonderful property as a villa.

When I see these things one after another at a temple, I want to say that I was really practicing.

About half of the autumn leaves have fallen, and it has a withered taste.


And this one. Super cute. Sudhana. The modeling that cuts out the moment of this pretending direction is cool.


Furthermore, this arrangement is super cool. Only this one in this size.

Pretty fashionable.


Myoe Jojin tree zazen statue. This is also a national treasure. Really? And there is Kyoto, part 2. Even though it is a national treasure, it has been put out as it is.

Or rather, he doesn't write "reproductions" lol. It's difficult to get ready when I see something. ..


A statue of a puppy that is said to have been made by Unkei. Even if it's not Unkei, it's a considerable ability.

I usually want it! It's so cute that I think.


And that's it! !! Yes, Choju Giga! !! It is a bird and beast caricature.

This one has a feeling of duplication and is awkward to handle.


Well, I was longing to see the real thing.

Please create a little more atmosphere and display it.


As expected, Japan is a country of manga. The foundation has been established in this era.

Continue to Kosanji Temple and autumn leaves, the second part.

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