How to avoid the procession of Kyoto’s most popular store “awomb”

I went to the most popular shop in Kyoto, "awomb".

The visual beauty of the popular menu "Hand-woven sushi" quickly made it famous throughout the country.

In addition, the store has been renovated from a townhouse that is synonymous with Kyoto.

The main ingredient is Kyoto vegetables, which is a nice feature for tourists. Moreover, because it is a vegetable, it is healthy.

Appearance, regionality, healthy and triple time are all popular. There is no chance.

Therefore, the procession is also amazing. It is said to wait for two hours even on weekdays.

One trick to smoothly slip through this procession.

"Awomb" is turned twice, "opening at 12:00" and "around 13:00". First, a little before 12 o'clock

There is one roll call. Check the name here and enter the store at the same time as the store opens at 12:00.

With this pattern, it is safer to line up for an hour before.
However, the recommended trick is to go around 12 o'clock. Then, at the same time as the store opened,

Customers enter the store, but of course they weren't there at the time of the roll call, so

For the first time, I was asked for my name and said, "Please come between 13:00 and 13:30."

With this method, you can enter the store if you go to the store after 13:00, almost without lining up!

However, please note that the number of meals is fixed, so if you are unlucky, it may sell out.

Also, it seems that we are accepting reservations at night so far, so I do not want to line up, surely

If you want to eat it, please go here.


The appearance of awomb. The outside is a lonely townhouse.

A souvenir zone when you enter the entrance.
I like the use of soft lights.
Well, I managed to enter the store.

The inside of the store is 90% female. Furthermore, it seems that there are many tourists outside of Kyoto.

The lunch menu is "Hand-woven sushi average" 1680 yen,

"Hand-woven sushi top" 2340 yen

"Hand-woven sushi special" 2970 yen

Is the basic menu. Every time the rank goes up, 5 or 6 items will increase.

In addition, there are a few single items such as the famous pudding.
The making of the tsubo garden is a little like “Wabar oku”.


The first floor seats have one table seat and two counters.



"Hand-woven sushi" will come in about 10 minutes after entering the store.

And here, the clerk will explain each item of the material very carefully.

Even if it's "normal", there are 12 items just for the material, and there are also knobs and condiments, so

It's quite long. It takes less than 5 minutes lol.


This is hand-woven sushi, average.


Hand-woven sushi. Well, chubby hand-rolled sushi!
Bowl. White miso is like Kyoto and is nice for tourists.
The inside of the store is also fashionable.

There are many standard sashimi and Kyoto vegetables.

In addition to the standard condiments such as wasabi and plum, chocolate with a bite and orange etc.

There are many unusual things, and it's fashionable around here.

The taste is also reasonably delicious. The amount is naturally small. Fashion and quantity are always inversely proportional lol.

However, you will be full with the fulfillment of "I ate the trendy Kyoto!"

Location: 189 Ubayanagi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 604-8213
Hours: Open today · 12: 00-15: 00, 18: 00-21: 00
Phone: 075-204-5543

Finally, thank you for reading!
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189 Ubayanagicho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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