“Kyoto City Zoo” where you can enjoy a lot of library cafes even on rainy days

About 30 minutes from Kyoto Station by city bus 5,100 bound for "Okazaki Park Zoo", "Kyoto City Zoo".

There are many public facilities such as Okazaki Park, museums, and Heian Jingu in the surrounding area, which is somewhat like Ueno in Tokyo.

It's an area where you won't get tired of staying around here for a day and promise a good holiday for Kyoto citizens.


So, Kyoto City Zoo. It was reopened in 2015, so it is very beautiful.

It seems that they are focusing on breeding, and lions, tigers, European bisons, etc. have succeeded.

Well, as a Kyoto citizen who is neither a researcher nor anything, it is fun to just look at animals with children.


When I visited from Ichi on Sunday morning, most of the animals seemed sleepy.

The lion's Nile seems to be dull.

The poster says, "If the Nile gets angry, look away!", And it seems that the King of Beasts is scared when he gets angry.


After watching for a while,

I've shot a gun in no time!

"Oh, what are you looking at!"

Amazing, truly powerful! !!


And howl! !!

Uo Suge. The barking voice of a lion may be the first time I heard it live.

I was really glaring at my child.

Without the glass, it definitely feels like it's jumping.

I saw such a motivated lion for the first time.
son? daughter? It looks scary in this condition too. ..

It feels like that parent has this child.

That's bad.


Go next door and tiger. I'm still sleepy.


However, when people came around, I got up properly and wandered around in the gauge all the time.

I have a strong alertness to people.

At other zoos, there are many carnivorous animals that feel like their fangs have been pulled out, but all of them are wild.


This is a black leopard. This child also walks around a lot.


For the time being, some are like Ferris wheels and have an amusement park flavor.

Unfortunately it is raining on this day, but it seems that children can play all day long.


Next is Gallilla. I move around a lot.

Even so, the animals in this zoo are active.

I wonder if it's time for animals to exercise in the morning.


Saruyama. It's raining and it looks cold.

These monkeys are also intimidating.

Are you all upset today?


It rained heavily, so I went to an indoor exhibition.

This is basically animals in hot areas, mainly reptiles.


turtle. It doesn't threaten. Well relieved.


After all, I'm glaring at something.

Does everyone feel like "What are you looking at when you're sleeping!"

Even so, it's a great posture. A face chocon on the rolled body.


crocodile. Did it happen now? Anyway, I'm just staring at this one.

Are you trying to eat? Me. ..


iguana. The form is cool.

This guy is this guy and unfriendly.


Go outdoors again and elephants.

Big elephants are playing around in the water.

Finally, I saw a healing animal.

I've always been intimidated and made to eat, so it's a cute Max.

Elephants coming up from the water.

I felt that the figure was no different from the people who went to wash their bodies after getting out of the open-air bath of the super public bath.


Everyone got out of the water with the feeling that "No, it was a good hot water".

Teamwork is perfect.


It's raining, so giraffes and zebras stay under the eaves.

After all animals also shelter from the rain.


There is a library cafe with a lot of books about animals, which is appreciated even in the rain.

I like it here.

Both children and adults have suitable books so they can stay there forever.


There is a crocodile under the bookshelf. It's huge.


There is also a souvenir corner. A beautiful chameleon toy with bright coloring.

It's nice to have a humorous look.


There are plenty of meals in the park.



A full selection of items in a buffet style. No, this can be eaten well.


Moreover, the production area display and allergen display are also solid.

This is appreciated for families with children.

Highly conscious system.

The inside of the store is also beautiful. I'm doing it properly.


And a nice view overlooking Higashiyama. It's a good restaurant.

It's kind of like "Jurassic Park".


Recommended for those who don't usually eat vegetables.

There are many dishes using vegetables, so you can eat vegetables without knowing it.

It was "Kyoto City Zoo" where you can expect a healthy effect when you come to see animals.

Kyoto City Zoo

Okazaki Park, Okazaki Hoshoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8333
Phone: 075-771-0210
FAX: 075-752-1974

Fee: General 600 yen, free for junior high school students and younger

Opening hours
・ March-November period AM9: 00-PM5: 00
・ December-February period AM9: 00-PM4: 30
You can enter the park up to 30 minutes before closing.
Facilities in the park
"Fairy country" AM9: 00-PM4: 30
(The contact time in the contact ground is AM9: 20-11: 45, PM1: 15-PM4: 30)
"Ape House", "Gorilla House-Sumika in the Forest", "Hikari / Mizu / Green Tropical Animal House" AM9: 00-PM4: 30
Closed days
・ Monday (If Monday is a national holiday, the next weekday)
・ Year-end and New Year holidays (December 28-January 1) If January 2 or 3 is Monday, the park will be open and the 4th will be closed.

Finally, thank you for reading!
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Okazaki Hoshoji-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

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