[Kenninji] There are too many highlights such as the national treasure “Fujin and Raijinzu”, Rikyu’s younger brother’s tea room, and Kaihoku Tomomatsu’s fusuma paintings!

Kenninji Temple is located near Gion.

That should be it, Gion was originally the precincts of Kenninji Temple. Kenninji Temple seems to have been bigger in the past.

Speaking of Kenninji, Tawaraya Sotatsu wrote the national treasure "Fujin and Raijinzu".

It will be famous only for the origin of the Rinpa school, which has been booming these days.

Besides, the fusuma painting of Kaihoku Tomomatsu is famous.


For the time being, from the beginning of Kenninji Temple, the second shogun Minamoto no Yoriie of the Kamakura Shogunate donated the temple area, and Kaisan was Eisai of the Rinzai sect.

It was built in 1202 in the second year of Kennin and is said to be "the oldest Zen temple in Japan".

Eisai was the founder of the Rinzai sect. And another famous feat is the person who started the cultivation of tea.

Therefore, there is a place in Kenninji Temple to celebrate its achievements.


As you walk around Gion, you will see a beautiful plastered wall.


Hojo. Speaking of temples, this is it. By the way, Hojo is the residence of the chief priest of the temple.


Wave pattern on the sand. Is it like the garden terrace nowadays?


The fusuma painting of Hojo is Kaihoku Tomomatsu. It's powerful.


Kubitsuka of Ankokuji Ekei, who was instrumental in the reconstruction of Kenninji during the Warring States period. Kubitsuka is a person who has been defeated or beheaded by a defeated general.

For memorial service. So I don't think my neck is buried here. .. ..


A tea room built at the time of the Kitano Tea Ceremony. It was built by a person named Nagamori who had a close relationship with Rikyu. The name of the tea room is Seiryo-ken.


I like Rikyu with a few windows inside.


And this lantern is filled underneath, so I think it's Oribe's favorite. ..


When you go round and round, you will see the wind god and thunder god. Of course, it's a replica. It's a national treasure. No shear.


Surprisingly small.

Kenninji Temple
584 Komatsucho, Shijo-dori, Yamatooji-dori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

584 Komatsucho, Shijo-dori, Yamatooji-dori, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

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