There are an unusual number of giant salamanders, which are useful in Kyoto with children! “Kyoto Aquarium”

It takes about 15 minutes on foot from Kyoto Station. It's about a 6 minute walk from Tambaguchi station.

Located on the grounds of Umekoji Park in Shimogyo Ward, it is a convenient area adjacent to the Kyoto Railway Museum.

This site is recommended for parking lots when going by car.

The price and proximity are obvious. It's a good site.

Opened in 2012, it is relatively new and clean.

A very useful spot for families with children on rainy days, too hot days, too cold days, and too windy days.

You'll want to go around all at once, but the Kyoto Aquarium alone is enough to enjoy the whole day.


The highlight is the giant salamander!

It's a natural monument, isn't it? Why are you so much? There is about.

Take a quick look, about 30? The giant salamander with a total length of over 1 m is crowded in the aquarium.

No more thankful natural monuments.


It is said that when you eat it, it has the flavor of Japanese pepper, so it is a story of Japanese pepper fish.

It is worth visiting just to see this horde of giant salamanders.

Please love the giant salamander that you can hardly see.

There is also an area where you can see the ecology of the river near Kyoto. It's reassuring to see the fish that live in Japanese rivers.


Next is the sea lion zone. This is a fun area with shows.


The appearance of swimming in the water is cool.


A sea lion climbs up a tubular aquarium and takes a breather here. It feels like the air is delicious.


It can also be seen from above. Well, if i had to transform into an aquarium animal, a fish, it would be a sea lion.

The site is large and looks comfortable.


A sea lion sleeping in a ridiculous place. He is pretty bad at sleeping.


By the way, this is a water tank with nice dark lighting. Well, I can watch it all the time.


I feel like I'm in the sea. It's the perfect spot for the heat.


The staff in front of the aquarium said, "I'll feed them," and went into the aquarium in about a minute.

In a Christian Lassen-like atmosphere.


Next is the penguin zone. There are various types of penguins.

Once upon a time, an explorer named the largest penguin he had ever seen, the "King Penguin."

However, he found a penguin larger than that, so he named it "Emperor Penguin".

Penguins naming, easy.


Yes, the penguins area. he close his eyes and feel like "cool"


And he is looking at me.

There are also penguins that stand up to the deer. I don't know what a penguin is thinking.


It's like a monk-like appearance that seems to have nothing to think about.

Still, I think they are thinking about anything.


Crustacean corner. Horseshoe crab. It's white. Wasn't it browner?


Ammonite. It looks like a picture book. Perfect as a teaching material for children.


A crab like a transformer. It looks like it will transform into a car after this.


This is the sea of ​​the southern country. The color of the fish is beautiful.


It came out, jellyfish!!
I like watching this. I'm warm. The inside of my head is getting loose.


This is swept around by a stream of water. I want it at home.

However, the house is not so big, so it is one of the real pleasures of coming to the aquarium.


And the last one is the giant salamander. If I were at home, I would use it as a pillow and use it as a goron.

Kyoto Aquarium

35-1 Kankiji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 600-8835
35-1 Kankiji-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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