“Cacao Market by Maribel” is a chocolate shop that can only be found in Kyoto, Ginza, and Ishigaki Island.

"Maribel" is a chocolate shop in SOHO, New York.

A casual line where a discerning brand that has a Japanese branch only in Kyoto opens.

That is "Cacao Market by Maribel".

It's right next to Gion-Shijo Station, and it's about a 3-minute walk along the Kamo River, so you can easily find it.

Maribel started cultivating cacao in her hometown of Honduras and imported it directly to NY.

The beauty of the appearance that has been enhanced to art.

Just by writing, you can feel the ridiculous commitment and fashion.

カカオ マーケット バイ マリベル33

The appearance is like a store in "Disneyland". Suddenly there is a feeling of a different world.

カカオ マーケット バイ マリベル11

After all the inside of the store! Have you seen it! It is crowded with girls.

It doesn't feel out of place, but the family is proudly looking for chocolate.

カカオ マーケット バイ マリベル11

At "Cacao Market by Maribel," chocolate balls are sold by weight, which is synonymous with the store.

However, this sales system by weight. A catastrophe with children.

A child messes with the machine as a matter of course, and the chocolate balls are tattered! !!

I noticed it immediately and stopped it, but I bought about 1000 yen.

Please be careful about Madam with children.

カカオ マーケット バイ マリベル55

The inside of the store is just a chocolate amusement park.

You can meet chocolates in various shapes.

If you like ice cream, cakes, chocolate bars, you'll love it.

Also, the brick-like mass of chocolate sweets called bricks is interesting.

I want to eat this crunchy.

カカオ マーケット バイ マリベル333

This is also sold by weight. Chocolate with condensed milk such as raspberries and white.

Indeed, it's just a cacao market, and it feels like a chocolate market.

カカオ マーケット バイ マリベル2222

This is called a pillow. I don't know.

Well, it surely becomes a picture. It's like New York. I'm sorry I don't have much knowledge.

カカオ マーケット バイ マリベル333333

This is called Cannoli.

It looks like you've come to the country of sweets.

Personally, the combination of raspberries and chocolate was delicious.

Even an adult man who doesn't like sweets so much can eat a bite

"Nu! This is a decent candy!"

The quality is easy to understand.

It's fun just to take a peek, isn't it?

Cacao Market by Maribel
165-2 Tokiwa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto 605-0079
11: 00-20: 00


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