Kyoto, Fushimi strolling part 2 Teradaya, a sightseeing spot of a big lie.

Kyoto, Fushimi strolling part 2, Fushimi is "Teradaya".

The "Teradaya Incident" in which Ryoma Sakamoto was attacked by Fushimi Bugyo is famous.

Actually, shortly before that, there was another "Teradaya Incident" in which Satsuma Domains killed each other.

At another time around that.


Yes, this is Teradaya.

Hatagoya was the setting for two incidents at the end of the Edo period.

This is because "Teradaya" was the favorite Hatagoya of the Satsuma Domain.

If there were many scholars of the main clan who defeated the Edo Shogunate, it would be unavoidable that various incidents would occur.

About 6 minutes walk from "Chushojima Station".


Now let's get inside.

Once inside, it looks like the Bakumatsu Museum.

This is irresistible for Bakumatsu fans.


Fushimi Bugyo and his friends ran up this stairs and attacked Ryoma's room.

It's nice to feel deeply moved. ..


Actually. .. The Teradaya at that time was already burned down, and it was built after that! !!

In fact, I put a little bit of the Teradaya newspaper Kirinuki on it, but as a whole,

We will introduce the interior as if it were a building that has remained since that time.

Zu, sly! !!

When I asked the person at Teradaya, "I heard that it wasn't the building at that time?"

What a no comment. ..


That's why this "sword mark" is also a lie!

Well, I'm not sure. ..

The city of Kyoto has requested an improvement in the exhibition method.


"It's a bath famous for naked dragons" is also a big lie! !!

Teradaya is a bad facility.

I should just say "it's a reproduction".

It may no longer be valuable as a facility that is blinded by money.


This room has a very "like" atmosphere, so for fans at the end of the Edo period,

Thankfully, I treat it as if it were at that time.

It's a waste. You should tell the truth.

Even if most of the Japanese castles are replicas and not the ones at that time, sightseeing is possible in various castles.

There is no doubt that it is the place where Teradaya was built.


And a little disappointing tourist spot "Teradaya".

I saw the darkness of sightseeing in Kyoto.

263 Minamihama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto


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