Kyoto, Fushimi strolling part 3 Kizakura Sake Brewery

A stroll around Fushimi, Kyoto Part 3. Speaking of Fushimi, sake breweries in Kyoto and water are good, so sake brewing has been popular for a long time.

That's why there are head offices of famous sake breweries such as Gekkeikan and Kizakura Sake Brewery.


This is the official shop of Kizakura Sake Brewery.

Speaking of yellow cherry blossoms, kappa lol. I only know that I was born in the Showa era.


The inside of the store is lively.

The scent of alcohol drifts, and just being there makes you feel drunk.


That melody has been playing in my brain for a long time since I entered the store.

♫ Kappapar.

I want this Inoguchi.

I haven't seen it at all these days, but I think it's banned because it's a bit erotic now.

It's an era.


Of course, alcohol is the main.

There are so many types.


Amazake is also good.

I want to buy it, but I want to take a walk after this.


There is also a corner that introduces old sake brewing.


It will introduce you to the sake brewing process in a miniature.

The doll is cute.


First of all, "washing rice".

I will wash the rice cleanly.


Next is "steamed rice".

Steam the rice.


"Cooling". Divide into jiuqu, mash, and moromi and cool.


"Jiuqu making". It is made in a room called a room, which is kept at a high temperature and moderate humidity.


"Making 酛". Put Jiuqu and steamed rice in a half-cut tub filled with cold water and stir carefully.

When the water is fully absorbed by the jiuqu and steamed rice, grind it with a stick.

It takes about 30 days to make fermented sardines.


Making moromi. Well, I don't understand the explanation of this process at all.

It just introduces the process, what happens when it is made, why it is made, etc.

I don't want to explain it to amateurs in an easy-to-understand manner.


It's getting dull to read.

Is there anyone who says "I see!" In this explanation?

Alcohol will be generated as a by-product in the process of fermentation.

After all, I have to guess everything here.

It's an explanation that makes indigestion somehow.

Kizakura Memorial Hall
228 Shioyamachi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto



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