Is it unrelated to Soba Sarashina? The specialty is Kishimen, Kyoto “Sarashina Main Store”

Lunch at "Sarashina Main Store" on Rokkaku-dori, Shinkyogoku-dori. About 6 minutes walk from Kawaramachi station.

It is in the Shinkyogoku arcade.

When I hear "Sarashina", I imagine the three soba restaurants alongside "bush" and "sunaba".

It seems that something is different depending on whether you're squeezing kishimen. I wrote "Sarashina Honke"

The head family of "Sarashina" is in Azabujuban. It's an original shop.

However, this one also has a long history.


A nice storefront. This is Kiken.

After all, in the past, I have never been satisfied with the store's historic appearance.

The amount is surprisingly small, and it is expensive enough to pop out your eyes. The taste is also normal.

A typical pattern that makes you want to enter just by setting up a store.

If you like the visuals of the jacket and buy it, the song isn't good at all.

Even so, the awesome "Kishimen" oshi. It seems to be a name.

When you open the door with the color color, the atmosphere is also nice inside. The outside looks like the Edo period,

Inside is like a good old Showa soba restaurant. Unexpectedly clean.


There are quite a lot of menus, and there are all the toppings that you can think of, such as buckwheat and udon.

There are also Kyoto specialties such as herring kishimen and herring udon.

I don't see Kishimen very much in Kyoto though.


Naturally, I ordered Sumiyoshi JR Nagoya for 600 yen. This is surprisingly cheap.

The one who got on the Obon together was Shichimi from Shichimiya Honpo, which represents Kyoto.

This will be nice for tourists.


On the bag of chopsticks, it says "Shinkyogoku Gogoku Kishimen Sarashina Main Store".

Well I do not know. He said, "It's not a soba noodle, but it has a long history!"

Well, the amount. .. It came out, the size of the beef bowl bowl. Apparently this is normal in Kyoto.

The size is also the old Japanese size.

Now, the important thing is the taste! That's why the taste is. .. .. it is normal.

Soup stock with soup stock and thick noodles. A fairly thin type.

From the perspective of people in Tokyo, it feels like they're crazy. If this is Kyoto, it is described as having a gentle taste.

It feels good to fried tofu to suck the soup stock. It is also good to have a lot of dried bonito on it.

Kujo green onions are also on board, and the Kyoto-ness is punpun.

Well, the taste that you can imagine from the components. That's right, it tastes like that.

I like dried bonito and soup stock, so I like it.

Kishimen is nobi, but there is no nobishiro.

Sarashina Main Store
West side of Rokkaku-dori, Shinkyogoku-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

483 Nakasuji-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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