Manshu-in Monzeki, the residence of the Furujin in the Edo period

Kyoto is the "Manshuin Monzeki" at the foot of Mt. Hiei in Sakyo Ward, northwest.

No. 5 by bus from Kyoto Station.

If it's a car, the parking lot is free, so it's helpful.

A "monzeki" is a temple where the imperial family and officials serve as priests.

So it's quite prestigious.

In fact, there are some highlights in the fusuma paintings, such as Kano Tanyu and Eitoku Kano's brushes.


The front gate is also solemn and elegant. This is a large site.


It's wide enough to remind you of a small castle. There is almost no traffic, and it's kind of quiet.

When entering, from this entrance.


It looks a little different from a normal temple. As expected, it has a deep connection with the imperial family.


It is said that he was moved to the current location by King Ryosho, and his father was Prince Hachijo Miya, who built Katsura Imperial Villa.

It seems that he was bright in tea ceremony, flower arrangement, landscaping, etc. with his father's aesthetic sense.

A temple is just a name, but it looks like a rich house with a lot of hobby. .. ..


The site is large and there are many buildings in a row. I feel like I've come to a small inn.

The passageway is also made to survive the rain and wind. It's like an elementary school.


The garden is also gorgeous. Neat beauty.


It is in very good condition.

It doesn't look like a simple and sturdy temple, but rather elegant.


The atmosphere is somewhat similar to that of the neighboring Shisendo.

I wonder if it was popular to make something like this in the early Edo period.

There is a tea room called Hachimokuken, and there is a room with the same design as Katsura Imperial Villa.

After all, it's quite a home for people with a good taste.

The national treasure also has a copy of Kokin Wakashū, so there is no doubt about it.


The room is also large. It would be fun to have a banquet.


The garden can be seen from anywhere because it looks like a mansion protruding from the garden.


It's a little lonely area at the foot of Mt. Hiei, but it's so gorgeous and a little surprised.


And here is the kitchen. wide! No matter where I looked, I could only see it as an inn.

Manshuin Monzeki
[Address] 42 Takenouchi-cho, Ichijoji, Sakyo-ku
[Telephone number] 075-781-5010 [FAX] 075-711-6226
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