Kyoto-like lunch “Ouchigohan Kokoraya Benkei” that is famous in Kyoto

Lunch at "Ouchigohan Kokoraya Benkei" in the west of Sanjo-dori Miyukicho.

"Ouchigohan Kokoraya" is one of the most successful chain stores in Kyoto.

Kyoto-like obanzai and Kyomachiya, with fish and meat from Kyoto at night, it is easy to use as an izakaya.

A shop where you can enjoy the uniqueness of Kyoto at a reasonable price. That's rock solid.

There is also a branch office in Nakameguro, Tokyo. Or rather, it was a chain store from Kyoto.


Here, "Benkei store" is rarely entered as a tenant of a building, not a townhouse.


Inside the store, there are wide counter seats for about 10 people, 8 tatami mat seats, and 1 table seat.

The building is fashionable, so the shop feels a little messy.


The interior is also conscious of the Machiya style. It's not formal, it's not dirty, and it's comfortable.


A light window where you can see the green from the counter. Looking at the menu board, it seems to be fun to use at night.


Well, lunch. There are 4 items on the lunch menu.

Kokoraya set meal 980 yen (choose the main from meat and fish),

Mixed set meal 1280 yen (both meat and fish),

Negitoro bowl set meal 1080 yen,

Salmon roe bowl set meal 1180 yen.

This is the standard menu here, Kokoraya set meal.


The Kokoraya set meal consists of a small bowl of vegetables, a small bowl of tofu, pickles, two types of tempura, rice, and miso soup.

This configuration is probably the same for all branches.

The main meat of the day was small turnip and pork shabu-shabu yuzu kosho grated ponzu sauce.

Overall, it's a very refreshing menu. Menu with less animal protein.

Pork shabu-shabu is also refreshing. The tempura is also a vegetable tempura, so it's refreshing. Small bowls such as tofu and simmered vegetables do not cause stomach upset.

The rice is rather fluffy. So, boys can get some satisfaction.

Well, in the sense that it's an easy Kyoto-like lunch, there's no store like this.

Ouchigohan Kokoraya Benkei
Address: 48 Arimoto Building, Nishiiri Benkeiishicho, Gokomachi, Sanjo-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
TEL 075-212-5688
Business hours 17: 00-24: 30
Regular holidays Irregular holidays

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48, Benkeiishicho, Nishiiri, Gokomachi, Sanjo-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

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