Here is a famous place for the Yokozuna-class autumn leaves in Kyoto! [Jojakkoji Temple]

There are many famous spots for autumn leaves in Kyoto, but you can't miss them.

If the eastern yokozuna is "Eikando", the western yokozuna would be this "Jojakkoji".
If Eikan-do is all red,
Eikan-do has a wonderful flood of colors such as red, yellow, green and orange.

The size of the precincts is also Yokozuna class.
Giouji Temple and Rengeji Temple are small, but Jojakkoji Temple has a large precinct.
While going around, there are various ways to see and taste the autumn leaves, so
A sense of fulfillment as if you had visited a few temples.

I came to Kyoto, but I don't have time to look around, but
I want to see the autumn leaves that are typical of Kyoto! It is recommended for people.

The ball is scratched away from Kyoto station,
Only here this time! Even if I make a decision
I think I'm completely satisfied.
If you have time, you can hang out around Saga.
There are many places to see near Giouji Temple.

However, since it is a yokozuna class, there are a lot of people.

If you talk about the autumn colors of Kyoto, you can say that it is a must-visit spot.


It's finally time. Passing through this gate is the autumn leaves wonderland.


It came out suddenly. Niomon. The crammed building and the autumn leaves match.

It's still a little blue. But it's beautiful enough.


Look back from the Niomon gate. It seems that this will be bright red at its peak.

By the way, I visited on November 25, 2015. Please refer to when you will go.


After passing through the Niomon gate, trees with autumn leaves are already growing on the slope of the stairs.


It's a flood of red, yellow, green and mixed colors.


If you look up, you can see the clouds of autumn leaves. There are many people, though.


Fiery red. It looks like you're already in a wildfire.


No, I'll take a picture! Similar pictures follow.


Generally, everyone looks back from this staircase and takes pictures.

Be sure to look back because it is a photo spot of Jojakkoji Ichiban.


Even if you climb the stairs, you can see autumn leaves, autumn leaves, and autumn leaves.


The red carpet and cobblestones are also nice.


360 degrees, a space like a hanging scroll. This is the real thrill of the autumn leaves in Kyoto.


Autumn leaves photography technique. With the temples and shrines in the background, the autumn leaves in the shadows look beautiful and Kyoto-like.

Recommended for cloudy days.


Jojakkoji Temple
3 Saga Ogurayama Ogura Town, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

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