Have a New Year at Nishiki Market. For New Year’s soba, New Year dishes, and ozoni. [New Year dishes]

Aligning the New Year in Kyoto, part 2. Last time, we prepared ozoni ingredients, but this time, let's prepare "Osechi" dishes.

There aren't many homes that can be built from scratch these days, but at Nishiki Market, there are many finished products.


First of all, fried eggs.

Datemaki is the New Year's day, but at Nishiki Market, we recommend omelet with "Miki Keiran".

It sells like a fly, so let's go to the 9 o'clock in the morning to get it.


Tamagoyaki with soup stock and rich egg flavor.

Happy taste.

The eel rolls with eel are already sold out at 9 o'clock.


Kyoto people love eels unexpectedly.

Opening one animal is 3550 yen. Well, it's a little expensive and I can't afford it.


Speaking of New Year, sea bream.

The sea breams are also insanely lined up.

It's a lot of people.


Nishiki Market has a gorgeous display.

This salmon roe is coming!


Herring is also good.

This area is also available at once.


Chestnut Kanro-ni. It's definitely delicious.

It's fun just looking at a large amount of material.


"Takecho" is famous for its salt-dried fish and chirimen-jako.

I can't pass through here either.


My favorite black soybeans in New Year dishes.

This is an immediate purchase.

I don't hesitate to buy it, and I feel like a Chinese explosive buyer.


This is the river fish specialty store "Notoyo".

There is a sense of trust as there are specialty stores such as beans, rice cakes, and fu.


Natural hon-moroko from Lake Biwa, boiled in horses.

Let's buy this too.

Somehow, it's just sweet things overall.

Well, isn't that the New Year's New Year?


Moroko's white ware.

I bought this one too.


This is "suguki", one of the three major pickles in Kyoto.

The other two are pickled in shibazuke and senmaizuke.

By the way, I've never eaten it, so let's buy it.

Yeah, it's pretty good.

It's fun to look around. There is fulfillment with various items.




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