After all, the taste of the main store is different !? “Tenkaippin Sohonten”

Tenkaippin is a famous ramen shop that makes its name known to the world.

The head temple, Kyoto, has lunch at "Tenkaippin Sohonten" in Kitashirakawa.

Somehow, I was wondering if Hakata originated in Tenkaippin's rich feeling and the glued part.

Actually Kyoto. When I came to Kyoto, I was convinced that I was unexpectedly a Kyoto person, and I like ramen.

When I went to the afternoon on the weekend, there was a line of about 10 people. Everyone is taking pictures and it is no longer a tourist destination.

The parking lot is also convenient.


The procession goes smoothly and you can enter the store without stress.


It seems that the interior of the store is based on the retro image of the Showa era.

The business spirit is strong, and the signboards and posters of campaigns and limited menus are sticky.

Perhaps it is a downtown concept of Showa including that.

There are some long counters and table seats for 10 people or more. It's not too wide and not too narrow, so it's comfortable.

A chronological table from the stall to the present is drawn on the entire wall.

Speaking of which, this may be the only point that gives the feeling of a head office.


Founded in Showa 46. Kyoto Kita Shirakawa Main Store. What is that? Isn't it the store name "Tenkaippin Sohonten"?

By the way, does the main store taste different from other chain stores? After all this point is worrisome. Word of mouth

I hear people say, "It's still different." So, I really want to ask for a menu that only has the main store,

After all, I ordered ordinary ramen here.


But I also want to eat fried chicken, so I chose "fried chicken set meal".


The fried chicken is a little hard batter, or maybe it hurts. Strong seasoning so as not to lose to ramen.

As it is, this is not the main point, so the taste is not so important, so let's say Yoshi.


By the way, Odai, Tenkaippin ramen. It looks exactly like a chain store.

The thickness of the green onion, the size of the char siu, and the soup that was drunk. It's the usual Tenkaippin.

The noodles are also thin, and the style is exactly the same whether it's the Tenkaippin Kagurazaka store or the Tenkaippin Teramachi store.

I'll try the soup all the time. Yeah, exactly the same! The usual delicious Tenkaippin.

On the contrary, it's amazing to be together so far. Far from Ichiko Soden, Hyakuko Soden. It is transmitted to the children properly.

Kyoto's ramen street, "Gokudori," which is now popular at Ichijoji, is one of the best in the world.

"The soup is too muddy, it tastes stronger!"

"Gokudori", which is a hot topic due to its muddy feeling, is only a sub-class of Tenkaippin. After all the root is this.

If you are told that you can only eat either "Tenkaippin" or "Gokkei" in the future,

Probably everyone is the best in the world. It's amazing to receive everyone.
Tenkaippin Sohonten
94 Maison Shirakawa 1F, Ichijoji Tsukida-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto
075-722-09551 11:00
11: 00-3: 00 the next day
Closed on Thursday
Parking lot available (22 cars)

94, Ichijoji Tsukida-cho, Sakyo-ku

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