Lunch “Mijo Owariya” with elegant soba that is typical of Kyoto

Lunch at the soba shop "Owariya Sanjo" in Sanjo Sagara, Higashinotoin Dori, Kyoto.

It is a traditional shop about 6 minutes on foot from Karasuma Oike Station.

Is it different from the famous soba restaurant "Honke Owariya" in Kyoto?


Something over there, it's a soba restaurant with a long history, there is no big atmosphere,

It's nice to have a very friendly atmosphere. There will be no tourists either.

The businessmen of Karasuma Oike and the grandfathers in this neighborhood are regulars.

Appearance. Unpretentious.


There are 2 up seats and 3 table seats in the store. Made slender.

"Fushimi soba" Somehow, if you imagine it, there are soba noodles that you might use sake lees.

I'm really worried about it, but here is "Tempura Soba".

Actually, there is a photo in front of the store that says "Recommended by the owner! Tempura soba".

I was run over by a nice shrimp.


But there is a tragedy! Two tempuras that I thought were a good size for a bowl,

What a painful fact that the bowl was small and the tempura looked big!

It's out, Kyoto. The size of the bowl, the size of the Yoshinoya bowl. Is this an ant by my side?

I don't know when it's like "soba and mini kaisendon set",

If the price is 1200 yen, you can imagine a normal size. .. Tohoho.

But the taste is certainly delicious. It's Kyoto-like and elegant because it contains trefoil and yuzu.

It looks like ozoni. Feeling gorgeous. As expected, Kyoto is good at directing.

Soba is very thin noodles and looks like somen noodles. But the amount.

It's probably one meal for grandpas, but not for adult men.

I would be very happy if this came out when I was hungry after 3 o'clock.

I was really worried about whether to replace the exact same one. Huh.

Owariya Mijo
216-1 Sanmonji-cho, Higashinotoin-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

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