Lunch “Fukuya” at a small restaurant in the back alley of Kyoto

Lunch at "Fukuya" on Rokkaku-dori from Ura-Teramachi-dori.

It is in the middle of a street that runs from Teramachi-dori to Kawaramachi-dori.

Private house? No, I can finally understand that it's a shop with goodwill.

The feeling of not insisting too much is very confusing.



A little pop curtain is stylish in an alley with almost no traffic.


There is only a counter inside the store. About 8 seats in total? At night, it seemed like it would be filled with regulars alone.

A good-looking grandmother is doing it alone. This is a nice atmosphere.

The shop is suddenly quiet, just in the middle of the bustle of Shinkyogoku.

I want to come at night as well.


By the way, there were "Spare rib set meal" and "Daily set meal" for lunch, but

Choose "daily set meal". This day was "Lotus root fried scissors set meal".

The refreshing tempura, which was mainly made of vegetables, was delicious.

But after all I want meat or fish tempura. The main dish is vegetables.

It's delicious though. ..

However, you can replace the rice freely! This is a high point.

As the atmosphere of the restaurant, it may be perfect for a shiny middle-aged lunch.

In that sense, the targeting may be clear.

I don't need that much, but it may be good when I want to eat calm food.


449 Rokkaku Shinkyogoku East Entrance, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

京都食べ歩き ブログランキングへ

京都府京都市 ブログランキングへ
にほんブログ村 旅行ブログ 京都旅行へ
にほんブログ村 グルメブログ 京都食べ歩きへ