Souvenirs to buy at Kurama-dera Temple in Kyoto, the originator [Kinomedaki]

Kurama-dera Temple in Kyoto, at the northern end of the Kyoto Basin, at the end of Eizan Electric Railway.

A temple familiar to history lovers, who was enrolled when Minamoto no Yoshitsune was still Ushiwakamaru.

At Noh's Kurama Tengu, he trained Ushiwakamaru under Daitengu, and then after that.

Fight Benkei at Gojo Ohashi. .. .. And "Star Wars" Luke and Yoda's training era

It is also the stage of a story like.



However, this time I will introduce what to buy in front of the gate for the time being.

Kurama-dera is famous all over the country, but Monzen-cho is surprisingly simple. Apparently, there are about 10 shops.

So, the souvenir you should buy is definitely "Kinomedaki".


Eh, don't you know? It may not be well known, but if you eat it, "Oh, I've eaten it"

Isn't it? Especially if you have been to Kyoto even once.

Kyoto food, anyway, add Japanese pepper. It is a food that condenses that flavor.


"Tree buds" are somewhat vague, but they are "young shoots of Japanese pepper".

Then, I always think in my heart that I can say "young shoots of Japanese pepper".

I think this is the essence of Kyoto.


"Kinomedaki" is similar to kelp in this tree bud.

The kelp was transmitted to Kurama Kaido, which is also one of the Saba Kaido, and it was delicious when boiled with the buds of the Kurama tree.

There is also a typical episode, and it seems that this is the birthplace of kinomedaki.


Kurama Temple and other souvenirs. .. ..


There is also Ushiwakamochi only at Kurama Temple.


There are many other simmered dishes besides simmered tree buds.


This is also a "tengu senbei" unique to Kurama-dera. Well, it's just a picture.


And there are many tengu systems.


Kurama Temple is finally here. Is next time.

Kurama Temple
1074 Kuramahonmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto

1074 Kuramahonmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

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