(I personally think) Kyoto’s place of relaxation, the first place in a dignified manner! “Kamogawa (especially around Kyoto Botanical Garden-Kamigamo Shrine)”

Kyoto, a tourist destination. Extraordinary for tourists everywhere.

Where will the Kyoto people who live there be healed?

The Kamo River is probably mentioned by many Kyoto people.


Especially, a little north of the city, along the Kamo River near the Kyoto Botanical Garden, there are no tourists, and it is a place of relaxation for Kyoto people.

At the station, it's around Kitaoji and Kitayama. Along the Kamo River around Kamigamo Shrine is also good.


Although it is written as Kamogawa, it is also called Kamogawa around here.

The Kamo and Takano rivers meet at the Kamo River Delta in Demachiyanagi to form the Kamo River.

However, Kamogawa and Kamogawa are collectively called Kamogawa, so it's not a mistake.


People running, cycling, walking, picnics, catch balls and badminton, and even tennis.

Actually, I decided to move to Kyoto after seeing this scene.

Ah, if there was such a nice place, I thought it might be a good idea to live.


The Kamogawa flowing through the city is somewhat lonely.

However, when you come to this area, there are mountains in the north, a huge blue sky in the south, a beautiful river in front of you, and trees along the river.

Well, there is no such ideal landscape along the river.


Kyoto is really conscious of messing up the river.

Most of the rivers are in good condition.

On the other hand, the mountains (roads) in Kyoto are terrible. I wonder why it's still such a narrow road, and it's over when an oncoming car comes.

Is it a feeling that nature is basically the same, but it is unavoidable not to maintain the river that flows into the city?

The road along the river is also well maintained. Stepping stones are also placed on the river so that you can cross the other side of the river, which is fun.

Of course, you can play in the water in the summer.


The best part is having a picnic on the grass along the river.

After eating your lunch, you can read a book.

There are many big trees, so you don't have to worry about sunburn, and the shade is wide and comfortable.


Naturally recommended for families with children. You can play cards or study on the seat as an extension of the picnic.

If you get tired of it, maybe badminton. It's free.


It is a wonderful space that promises a peaceful day, a place of relaxation for Kyoto people regardless of age or gender.



Upper Kamo River (around Kyoto Botanical Garden)

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